Roksan Custom Delrin Turntable With Wheaton Tonearm And New Sumiko Cartridge


A very good client of ours who is super passionate about the benefits of Delrin actually had this turntable custom built to the highest standard.

The builders took the best aspects of the coveted Roksan turntable which included the power supply and motor - and then built everything else from the ground up.

The plinth was made from thick Delrin slabs that were perfectly cut and adorned with machining tool marks. Many high end manufacturers are noticing the benefits of this material and offering it in their high-range models.

The lower and upper plinths are separated by decouplers made by Walker Audio and are similar to the Valid Points.

The bearing is a custom affair.

The platter is made from copper, stainless steel, Delrin and carbon fiber.

The power supply is the absolute best available from Roksan.

The periphery record ring was machined from solid copper and fits the custom platter precisely.

The custom speed controller is housed in a Derlin enclosure with an acrylic cover sitting on top of Walker Audio Valid Points.

The tonearm is a Wheaton Triplanar model in perfect operating condition, I believe an MKII. It is terminated on a high-quality Cardas branded RCA interface interconnect mounted to the plinth.

The record clamp is custom made out of Delrin and Carbon Fiber.

The included phono cartridge is a brand new Sumiko Songbird Low Output MC (Moving-Coil) which will be a great fit for the Triplanar. This cartridge was newly released from Sumiko and is in very high demand.

We will mount and calibrate the Songbird to perfection prior to shipping. You can also choose from our large inventory of Sumiko cartridges up and down the range.

I estimate to build a table like this today would cost you well in excess of $12k in addition to many many *months* of research, design, and manufacturing.

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Original Box

Not Included


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Yes - As Pictured (Power)

Physical Condition

7 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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