Kimber Kable KS PHONO, Flagship Tonearm Interconnects, Pure Copper, New


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This listing is for: Kimber Kable KS PHONO, Flagship Tonearm Interconnects, Pure Copper, New, in various lengths. More from Kimber Kable:

The KSPHONO-CU tonearm cable was designed to minimizes both electrical noise as well as mechanically transmitted noise. The pure copper signal pair incorporates air articulated PTFE dielectric for minimal capacitance and dielectric losses.

The four, pure copper conductors are shielded with over braided shielding with 95% coverage. This grounding plane is further improved with the addition of 8, 25AWG pure copper conductors. These copper conductors are bonded to the underlying shielding with pure silver foil and silver solder. This unique design provides extremely low DC resistance to ground for the lowest possible noise floor.

Pure copper 8x24AWG ground plane. (lowest possible noise) Pure copper signal pair.

German-made high-end WBT style terminations complete the signal path at both ends. For phono outputs (record players, microphones, etc.) good shielding against interference fields is particularly important. This is provided by the WBT-0102 CU that features the brass sleeve of higher conductivity connected to the minus pole – but otherwise is all nextgen™. (75 ohms up to 200 MHz) Utilizes pure copper contacts.

The KSPHONO-CU tonearm provides unmatched tonality with an ultra low noise floor delivering maximum dynamics and realism.

 Performance Features Include:
• Wrapped PTFE (expanded) dielectric
• Pure copper signal conductors
• Pure copper 8-wire braided ground plane
• Fully shielded

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Kimber Kable - Handcrafting cables since 1979

Our first copper / silver hybrid cable that builds on the performance of all the preceding models. Two strands TCSS copper and one strand AGSS silver provide smooth, rich, wide open sound with dynamic range and pacing way beyond the asking price. A true audiophile bargain that can satisfy even the most demanding music lover. Silver Streak is the where all the Kimber superlatives come together.

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