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Our Consignment Process

Let us sell your gear for you, honestly we're much better at it!

We’ve developed a simple process to make it quick and painless. The following Q&A address most questions:

Q: So cut to the chase… how much of the selling price will you keep?

A: Like most business we operate on a 40% margin. This means for every dollar we make we need to have $0.40 of profit in order to pay the rent, employees, our operating expenses, etc. So when an item sells 40% goes to us while the rest goes to you. Keep in mind, any expenses like credit card fees (about 3%) or repair costs will need to come out of the profit.

Because of our extensive customer base, reputation, and thoroughness, we are likely to sell the item for significantly more that you are on your own. So the 40% typically ends up being effectively more like 25% when you do the final math.

Q: How long does it take?

A: How quickly your gear will sell will depend on the asking price. Once we receive the item(s) we take about 1-2 weeks to list everything for sale. This gives us time to properly perform our full battery of intake tests in our lab and listening room, take pictures, and prep the final listing description and details.

Then together we'll review and agree on the asking price and push the listing live on our site. After a few weeks we can review and see how much activity we’ve received and revise the price as needed.

We have an extensive database of past sales pricing for most items so we can guide you on pricing your gear appropriately and for the highest price. Most items sell within the first 60 days.

Q: How will you promote my items?

A: Every item fist goes trough our in-depth testing process. Our technicians will put the gear though a battery of tests to ensure the new owner is nothing but happy with their purchase. If needed, we'll make any simple repairs required to get it ready to list.

We then clean and photograph the item(s), with most receiving over 12 clear and professional photos.

Each item is then featured first in our Friday "Latest Arrivals" email campaign which currently reaches over 10,000 active audiophiles. Plus in addition to our website, we'll list your item(s) 1-2 weeks later on our official SkyFi eBay store to give global buyers an easy way to purchase. eBay’s global shipping program is outstanding and we ship delicate items outside the US several times a month with success.

Certain special items will also receive a custom YouTube video and feature in our Instagram feeds.

Q: When will I get paid?

A: We make payouts once the new client receives the item and expresses they're fully content with the purchase. We can pay you in many forms including PayPal, a Wire Transfer, or classic paper check.

Q: What if I change my mind once the item is listed and want the item back?

A: We put a lot of time and energy into each item so you will be responsible for all fees incurred to that point.

Q: Why do you need to have the item at SkyFi - can I just send you pictures?

A: That really doesn’t work. We need to test, photograph, and make certain the item(s) make the cut to be featured and listed on our website.

Q: What about shipping my item(s) to you?

A: We try and make that part as painless as possible. We'll send you pre-paid and insured UPS shipping labels, and in some cases the proper packaging to ensure safe travel. Especially with McIntosh pieces which are quite delicate due to their glass faceplates.

Q: Ok I'm in, where do I start?

A: Simply click here to get started now.