SkyFi Warranty

At SkyFi we sell mostly used and vintage equipment, and a lot of effort goes into making sure that our items leaves our shop in the best condition possible.

We test every feature and function in our lab, and have our pieces spend time in our reference listening room. If their quality does not meet or exceed the manufacturers basic specification, it will not be sold.

 Most issues upon arrival can be solved with a quick phone call. We know this stuff really well, and are good at identifying what may be causing your issue and promptly resolving it. From noisy ground loops to intermittent connection, we can help- so please do not hesitate to call. 99% of what we ship arrives in working order and the clients are satisfied. Just have a look at our feedback! 

The remaining 1% is outlined below: 


Most DOA failures happen because of shipping, and usually show no visible signs of damage to the box or unit. Even though we have the best packing techniques in the industry, INSERT LINK occasionally the carrier will torture the item to the point of failure. This can often be diagnosed and resolved with a simple phone call, but sometimes the product needs to come back to us for a quick repair or replacement. If we have your exact item in stock, we will ship it as soon as the offending item is returned. If we cannot repair the item within 2 weeks, we will provide a refund.   


If an item arrives damaged from shipping, we will start a claim with the corresponding carrier, as all of our items are fully insured.  Most carriers will schedule an inspection, or pickup the item for inspection. We expect you to cooperate in this process so that we can file the claim properly, and we may need to you provide pictures. Once the item leaves your possession, we will provide a refund or send you an exact replacement (if we have one) with a few business days. 


We do guarantee that the item matches the description of the listing and that it will arrive in that exact condition, cosmetically and functionally.  Therefore, if we state that an amplifier is working to a specification, we will stand behind that specification upon arrival. If we have made an error of some sort, and misrepresented the item, you can return it for a refund, and we will gladly pay for the shipping back to us.  You will need to ensure that the item is returned in the same packaging that we provided, and packed properly.


Because of the nature of the business, and the fact that many of our items are decades old, there is no warranty included of any sort. If, for example, a speaker works upon arrival, but stops working a few weeks later, we will we will do our best to help you by trouble shooting, assisting in the repair, or connecting you with a local shop to repair the item. We cannot provide a refund in this case. 


We are an online business, and expect you to do sufficient research prior to purchasing any item. We do not accept returns because the item does not meet your audiophile expectations. For example, if you purchase a pair of Wilson Watt Puppy speakers, and find them to be too bright or too dull, there is unfortunately not much that we can do to help. Most equipment that we sell has been reviewed many times, and there is likely to be lots of information in forums and magazines. We do, however, accept trade-ins- so you can consider trading your purchased item at a reduced rate and purchasing something else. 

Remember that 99% of all transactions are successful, and happen without issue. We are happy to help with any difficulties!