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Our Rating Scale

Below is our condition scale which is mostly based on the great Audiogon grading scale (thank you!)

New = Factory sealed and unopened.

We offer a handful of handpicked brands new as an authorized dealer, such as T+A, Kimber Kable, Sumiko, and Pro-Ject. They come complete with their full manufacturer warranty.

Otherwise in rare circumstances this rating accompanies vintage items that are marked New Old Stock / NOS. Meaning they're from decades past but BRAND NEW.

10/10 = Mint. Looks like new, likely used once (if that!).

This is reserved for an item that has never been used, but comes in an open box. Could have been taken out of the box and put back without fingerprints and utilizing all packing materials as it came from the factory.

No visible signs of use whatsoever. New Old Stock / NOS is also in this category.

9/10 = Excellent. Perfect physical condition, gently used.

We're super conservative with our ratings and rarely grant an item this status. Usually in cases of single audiophile owner that took incredible care of their gear. Many times it was a piece they purchased and put into place, but never actually used. 

On electronics the control knobs, buttons, and electro switches will still feel like new. Maybe showing some use, but no discoloration or oxidation. Chrome and glass shows no pitting or discoloration. 

Speakers should be perfect except for the back or bottom, maybe showing light markings from spikes/stands/feet. 

Turntables may show slight wear where the dust cover is lifted, but no visible wear on the top of the cover, or the plinth. The headshell will show no scratches from cartridge mounting.

8/10 = Very Good. Excellent front faceplate, one minor flaw on chassis side or top.

This piece has seen some use, but still appears in overall very good to excellent condition.

Electronics may have one or two minor scratches on the top or side of the chassis. Chrome and glass should show no pitting, but may have some small and light spotting discoloration. Silk-screening has no separations, and the lettering shows no wear.

Speakers may have minor discoloration along edges, but no scratches except for the bottom which may show signs of spikes/stands/feet or floor scraping.

Turntable dust covers may be slightly hazy (from records/record sleeves laid on top over time), but will not have highly visible scratches. The headshell might have some scratches from cartridge mounting.

7/10 = Good. One or two minor scratches. Well Maintained.

Electronics show no dents or bulges, but show a few minor scratches. Some wear on control knobs, switches, and buttons. and switches. Chrome or glass may show slight pitting, but not enough to be visible without close inspection. Silk-screening on the glass is separating in no more than one area, and some parts of some letters may have worn off.

Speakers may have loose fitting grills, or the grill cloth may have three to five minor pulls. The cabinet may have one minor scratch. The bottoms of speakers may show several small scratches or scrapes.

Turntable dust covers may be hazy, and the tonearm might have heavier scratches than an 8/10 rating due to multiple cartridge replacements/upgrades over its lifetime.

6/10 = Fair. Three to four minor scratches, or one major scratch.

Electronics may show one major scratch that's deep enough to show metal, or a slight dent on one of the surfaces. The piece will not have any major scratches on the front faceplate, but may have some nicks along the top front edge. Chrome and glass may show obvious pitting, but should not have any flakes. Transformer covers may have scratches. Silk-screening is separating from the glass in more than one area, and some lettering is worn off, but the glass itself is intact.

Speakers may have one major scratch that shows through to an inner layer (if applicable). Grill covers might need to be recovered or replaced (if still possible).

Turntables may have scratched - but not cracked - dust covers, and/or some pitting in the platter surface itself. 

5/10 = Average - Multiple scratches, including some on the front faceplate.

This piece is visibly scratched and noticeably used. *Any* major scratches on the front faceplate qualify for this rating.

Electronics may show several minor nicks or one major scratch on the front. Chrome or glass is showing some pitting, maybe a flake or two has come off. Transformer covers show scratches and some rust, as do the mounting screws. Silk-screening is separating from the glass in two or more areas, or the glass has one minor crack.

Speakers may have two major scratches, or more than five minor scratches. Grills may not stay connected to the front of the speaker anymore due to broken/missing binding posts.

Turntables may have cracked dust covers, the headshell may have multiple scratches and marks, and the tonearm may have a broken resting clip.

4/10 = Mediocre. Rough physical condition, but all funtions work perfectly.

This is the lowest rated score we've ever used in our shop AND we've only used it once. For a highly sought after vintage turntable that still worked very well, but clearly had a hard life.

3/10 = Poor. Rather beat up, but all functions work, control knobs or levers or switches are missing.

We've never used this rating and probably never will. Doesn't meet any of our standards for sale.

2/10 = Very Poor. Beat up with bent control knobs, missing switches, functionality issues, etc.

We've never used this rating and probably never will. Doesn't meet any of our standards for sale.

1/10 = Scrapyard. For parts use only.

We've never used this rating and probably never will. Doesn't meet any of our standards for sale.