Each piece of equipment that comes through the doors of SkyFi Audio undergoes an intensive multipoint inspection, cleaning, and verification process to ensure proper functionality and sonic fidelity.

We are audio enthusiasts and collectors ourselves, and we understand how frustrating it can be to receive a piece of equipment that is either not functioning as advertised, or performing out of spec.

Throughout this process it is not uncommon to find components that require replacement due to age, overheating, or other factors consistent with normal use.  If exact replacement parts are no longer available, we cross-reference the best possible substitutions which are generally accepted by the audio restoration community. In order to avoid counterfeits, we only source replacement parts from reputable distributors. 

Our laboratory is equipped with a variety of test devices that allow us to verify manufacturer published specifications, such as rated RMS output power (a true consistent rating of output power), and THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).

Our bench test procedure is the first and most important step in our verification process, but we've found that it is not possible to capture every nuance of performance by looking only at scopes and meters.

For this reason the majority of our pieces undergo a listening test on our reference system before being listed for purchase.  We also value this step for the insight that it gives us into the sound, performance, and features of each individual piece, allowing us to make better educated recommendations to our customers.