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Stereo Concierge

Stereo Concierge and Consulting

If you're looking to get back into high-end audio but don’t have the time to plow through myriads of reviews, let us assemble the perfect system for you. 

Factors such as the room size, your budget, taste in music, aesthetics, room decor, placement, and lifestyle will all be carefully considered in the selection process. 

Digital HiFi electronics such as DAC's (Digital Audio Converters), Media Streamers, and Media Players change so quickly in both design and technology that it's almost impossible to keep up with it all, and selecting the proper tonearm and phono cartridge for a turntable can be very overwhelming since there are so many possible combinations, some of which simply will not work well together. 

SkyFi Audio Stereo ConciergeWe have privately provided this service over the years to our very best clients with amazing results.  In addition to all of the pieces you see on our site, we also have access to many other models and brands (new and pre-owned) from a large network of dealers in our major metropolitan area and abroad. 

We can also help with the design of a listening room if you're lucky enough to have one.  This is often overlooked by our clients and can make the most sizable impact in the final performance of your sound system. 

Whether you're looking for the latest in digital music reproduction, or want to assemble the perfect vintage system to find your mid-century modern living room, let us do the hard work for you!

Just give us a call or message us to learn how we can help via 201-879-0000 or

SkyFi Audio Stereo Concierge