SkyFi Audio is proud to partner with the following industry leaders to offer you brand new HiFi Systems and Accessories. 

T+A Hi-Fi

Made in Germany – Treasured by the world
T+A only produces technology that they're proud of. Their team of experts – consisting of physicists, engineers and technologists – considers, designs and builds genuine acoustic treasures for you, our customers. They have no interest in the mass market, as their sole purpose is to satisfy the most stringent requirements. All the important components are designed and created in-house, and all their equipment is manufactured in Germany. In countless international reviews their products – from the classic amplifier to the ultra-modern network player – have proved themselves to be amongst the best in the world.

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Sumiko - Phono Cartridges

Clear, Accurate. and Balanced Analog Reproduction
For nearly 40 years, SUMIKO has provided the finest array of phono cartridges to discriminating analog enthusiasts around the world. The long list of iconic models produced or imported by SUMIKO reads like a “who’s who” of analog audio's illustrious past.

GRACE, KISEKEI, SUPEX, KOETSU, TALISMAN, ALCHEMEST, VIRTUOSO and the SHO phono cartridges were all made available through SUMIKO over the past three decades.
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Pro-Ject Audio

Tube Phono Preamps and Accessories

The Industry Leader In Affordable Analog Products
Pro-Ject Audio Systems was founded by one of Austria’s leading high-end audio distributors, Heinz Lichtenegger, in early 1991. A genuine music lover and a dyed-in-the-wool audiophile, Heinz challenged the common “cost-no-object” approach to analog audio equipment by manufacturing turntables, tonearms, and accessories at a reasonable price without compromising build quality or sonic performance.
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Kimber Kable

Kimber Kable

Handcrafting cables since 1979
SkyFi Audio is proud to announce our new partnership with Kimber Kable. Proudly designed, handcrafted, and rigorously tested in the USA since 1979.
Our staff is serious about every link in the chain for audio reproduction. So when it came time to select on the cables to offer to our clients, the decision was easy.
Offer the same cables featured throughout our workbenches, listening rooms, and even our home systems.

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