Nakamichi Dragon CT Computing Vintage Turntable - Legendary And Rare With New Sumiko Cartridge


Super cool and rare turntable from Nakamichi and a must if you're a Nakamichi collector.

This particular example is in amazing cosmetic condition and working perfectly inside and out. No small feat in itself. It is missing the record weight (not necessary for operation) and one of the corner dust caps as shown in our photos.

In our testing it plays records perfectly. Speed locks in immediately and is precise at both speeds (33 RPM & 45 RPM). The arm articulates smoothly and precisely, and the resulting sound is simply glorious. 

The overall unit condition is rated an 8, but please note the acrylic cover has the typical light scratches on top that accumulate over time.

This is a tricky item to ship safely but we're very good at packaging and have a lot of experience especially with delicate Dragons.

Our SealedAir Instapak industrial custom expanding foam machine helps get it right, plus special "to our specs" heavy-duty double-ply cardboard cartons. Reusable too if you move in the future.

We've chosen to bundle this Dragon CT with a new Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 MC (Moving-Coil) Low Output phono cartridge (handmade in Japan). But we can mount your existing cartridge, or supply one from our new Sumiko inventory via the options at the bottom of this listing. 

Click below to add our recommended matching cable from Kimber Kable, all brand new as SkyFi is an official Kimber dealer.

Kimber Kable KS PHONO, Flagship Tonearm Interconnects, Pure Copper, New

Please see our photos or the linked information below for full specifications:

Nakamichi DRAGON-CT Computing Turntable - Original Sales Brochure

Nakamichi DRAGON-CT Computing Turntable - Owner's Manual

Dragon-CT Features & Benefits:
• Eccentricity wow is eliminated by the unique Nakamichi Absolute Center Search System
• Belt-drive wow is eliminated by the Nakamichi SLT Direct-Drive system.
• Direct-drive flutter is eliminated Nakamichi's "cog-free" Super Linear Torque DD motor.
• Surface and airborne variations are eliminated by an unusual dual-suspension double-cabinet construction.
• The precision semi-automatic viscous-damped tonearm has exceptional tracking accuracy and warp-tracking ability.
• One-touch ultra-smooth cueing prevents stylus damage and can be operated with the dustcover closed.
• One-touch "cut" control returns the arm and stops the turntable.
• Quartz-locked PLL FG servo provides absolute speed stability or ±6% pitch control at either operating speed.
• Vertical tracking force is adjustable from 0 to 3 g in 0.1 gram increments. Independent anti-skating control.
• 500-gram disc stabilizer reduces record warp.
• Gold-plated pin-jack outputs ensure complete flexibility. Low resistance oxygen-free-copper cable supplied.
• Independent adjustment of each isolator provides convenient turntable leveling.
• Attractive professional styling complements any decor.



Original Box

Not Included


Service Manual Only


Not Applicable


Yes - Power

Physical Condition

7 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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