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Jadis J1 Eurythmie 4-Way "Work Of Art" Horn Speakers, Handmade in France

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Jadis J1 Eurythmie 4-Way Work Of Art Horn Speakers Handmade In France

Jadis J1 Eurythmie 4-Way "Work Of Art" Horn Speakers, Handmade in France

SkyFi 479

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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These speakers may take up to 30 days to ship.  Check for availability.  

The Euythmie speakers are the most innovative, striking, and natural sounding speaker to come through our shop.

Quoting from the original literature:
"Sculptured to reply the laws of nature, they are surprising by aesthetic in appearance. As they cannot be hidden, we have made them into works of art and have used craftsmen's techniques in their manufacture."

We received these works of art over two years ago and have been enjoying them as our flagship speaker in our shop ever since. Despite numerous inquires we were just enjoying them too much to part ways. Well, the time has finally come and we now need to make room in our overloaded shop.

These speakers came to us from a deceased audiophile who was assembling the most extreme Jadis system possible. It consisted of over *24 individual chassis*, many of which we have sold already.

The neat thing about these speakers is that because of their extreme sensitivity they can be driven well with 8W or 800W depending on your taste.

As you can see from our photos we used both 14W Jadis 845 monoblocks as well as massive Krell Class A Monos with amazing results. Would be hard to pick one setup.

These speakers sit on a plinth housing the crossover network, and have connections to allow just about any type of configuration. From a 4-way active amplification, to a fully-crossed-over single set of inputs.

I remember seeing these speakers on the cover of Stereophile in the mid 1990's, a time when crazy looking horn speakers were not common at all.

I wont go on and on about their transparency and ability to reproduce acoustic instruments and voices so Ill leave that the Stereophile reivew.

This is how the review summed them up:

Summing up
"The bizarre-looking instrument pictured in the booklet resembles a left handed sewer-flute that Tom-er, rather, Ed Norton would be happy to own. Ahhh, but the sound and the music are simply divine. Here we have a fairly specific image-a single instrument playing in acoustic space-with the detail of the clacking keys, the ambient information of the caressingly reproduced fundamentals and harmonics diffusing into the nearfield, and the reflective nature of these sounds as they interact with the space of the original recording venue. All elements combine to deliver a breathtakingly musical experience of absolutely the first order"

Back then these retailed for close to $40k, and today it would likely take over $100k to produce a speaker of this quality and ingenuity.

We also have several Jadis tube amplifiers in stock that would be a glorious match to these. Links below. And please let us know if you'd like us to assemble a full system for you.

Condition is very good. All drivers are in perfect working condition with no tears or signs of use. The cabinets are super clean with no cracks in the wood or noticeable scratches.

These are super rare and unique so they are priced accordingly. At the time of writing this I cannot find a single pair available anywhere in the world.

We also have custom crates and can ship via freight to ensure safe delivery. We can also deliver and install these within 60 mi of our shop.

Flat rate shipping is $1200 anywhere within the lower 48 US States. If you're outside of this area please give us a call to discuss. International buyers welcome, just drop us an email to arrange. 

We'll also include a Jadis glossy flyer (specs).

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Jadis J1 Eurythmie 4-Way Work Of Art Horn Speakers Handmade In France
Jadis J1 Eurythmie 4-Way "Work Of Art" Horn Speakers, Handmade in France Sale price$50,989.00 Regular price$59,990.00