Jadis JA800 Flagship Tube Amplifier - SIX Chassis! (Best Ever Made) - NOS - New Old Stock


We are pleased to present a rare opportunity to own one of the finest and most exclusive amplifiers ever made.

The JA800 was available in several configurations, and this the most extravagant and rare six chassis version. That's right, six entirely separate chassis for two channels of amplification. The two larger units are the power supplies, while the four smaller units are the output stages. It can deliver 400W per side in its most powerful configuration.

This is a massive and heavy amplifier requiring quite a bit of real estate to lay out properly. They are very heavy, requiring at least three people to set them in place safely. The included service straps allow you to safely remove them from the shipping boxes and drop them in place.

All Jadis products are still hand crafted in France, while the metalwork is done in Germany.

The owner of these units had a custom steel floor stand made to get the units off the floor about 10 inches. The stand consists of very high quality welded construction with powder coating all around. It is sized to perfectly fit the amplifiers, giving a custom and well refined look. You do not need to use these floor stands as we've seen others place the units directly on the floor, or on some sort of plinth.

This amplifier came to us from a deceased collector and extreme audiophile that was in the process of assembling a very complex reference Jadis system comprised of over *20* components. We believe the intent was to drive the bass drivers on the Jadis Eurythhmie speakers with these amps, while utilizing the JA845's for the other drivers.

Condition is like new or NOS (New Old Stock). There is no evidence that these units were ever used or even fired up. The tubes (KT90) are brand new and all the protective shipping material is still in place underneath the tube cages. There is only some evidence they were removed from their boxes at some point. Likely so they could be measured and laid out to facilitate the design of the custom stand.

We would like to keep these units in complete "un-used" condition, and will not fire them up unless the new owner requests prior to shipping. We do guarantee these will arrive in working condition.

Obvious as NOS rated, these come with all of their original packaging, accessories, power cords, umbilical cords, manuals etc, as if they just left the factory.

And if you'd like to assemble a complete NOS Jadis system, please contact us as we have enough stock for several systems. Click here to view all of our currently listed Jadis pieces.

This amplifier is no longer made by Jadis, and their current flagship is the JA500 with an inferior four chassis smaller design.

In 1997 when this was manufactured it retailed for $80k. That's $128,000+ in today's dollars when adjusted for inflation.

This item can ship worldwide carefully packed in its original boxes on a pallet. There are a total of seven large boxes (Please note this system is exempt from any SkyFi free shipping promotions).



Original Boxes

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Physical Condition

10 (New Old Stock)

Working Condition

10 (New Old Stock)

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