Garrard 401 Custom Bespoke Turntable with Abis Tonearm


We custom built this table for a customer that ended up wanting something a bit more vintage looking.  So we hooked him up with a TD-124 with a distressed vintage finish.  

This 401 came out absolutely beautiful, so we decided to offer it for sale as completed rather than taking it apart which would be a crime.  

Added on 2/25/19.  While this exact table just imediately after the Audiophiliac review to a lucky NYC customer we have the parts to build another one in about 4 weeks.


The plinth was custom made in the UK and features a dual layer design coupled together with spiked feet.  The finish is a matte black veneer with aluminum corner accents.  Looks like a $5000 plinth and will rival just about anything I've seen on the market.  It features dual arm-boards that can accommodate both 9" and 12" tonearms. 


This table features dual removable arm-boards capable of accepting just about every arm.  They are removable and thus replaceable if you ever decide to use a different arm.  


The venerable and highly sought after 401 drive is a substantial improvement over the usual 301 and has been fully restored to better than new condition.  It looks and works as if it were absolutely new. 

It has been fully serviced including all lubricant and bushings.  Where needed, bearing were replaced and it is running super quiet.  


We have fitted a new Abis 1.0 tonarm on this table both for its looks and functionality.  It looks and feels like a million bucks.  Let us know if you would like a second arm which the plinth can support.

Here is a link to more details on this arm:

If you prefer a different tonearm we have a large assortment of new and pre-owned arms from SME and other brands - Vintage and Modern: $500-$2500. Please contact us directly via or call/text 646.852.2073 referencing this custom product request for details...


A table like this deserves a top notch cartridge and we have new units from Sumiko, ClearAudio, and our favorite choice - Mayajima. 

Please note - There is no cartridge included - but we can fit one of the following options which also includes calibration at no additional charge (about a 2hr detailed process of perfectly setting and calibrating many parameters to ensure highest performance).

Just make a selection and we will professionally mount and calibrate it for out of the box operation. 

Miyajima Labs Madake Snakewood L/E: $7500

Miyajima Labs Madake Stereo Cartridge: $5895

Miyajima Labs Saboten L Stereo Cartridge: $4875

Miyajima Labs Kansui Stereo Cartridge: $3600

Miyajima Labs Shilabe Stereo Cartridge: $2995

Miyajima Labs Saboten Stereo Cartridge: $2475

Miyajima Labs Zero 78 Mono Cartridge: $2250

Miyajima Labs Zero Mono Cartridge: $2150

Miyajima Labs Takumi Stereo cartridge: $1895

Miyajima Labs Premium Mono BEII Cartridge: $1450

Miyajima Labs Spirit Mono: $995

Miyajima Labs Kotetu Mono: $585


Sumiko Starling $1899

Sumiko Blackbird MC: $1249

Sumiko Songbird $899

ClearAudio Virtuoso V2 Ebony: $899

Sumiko Amethyst $599

Sumiko BluePoint special Evo 3: $540

Sumiko BluePoint #2: $449

Sumiko Moonstone $299

Sumiko Olympia $199

Sumiko Rainier $149

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