Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophiliac, Reviews our System of the Week

We were thrilled to learn that The Audiophiliac himself, Steve Guttenberg, recently featured our 1970's Audio Research System of the Week on his daily YouTube channel.  

If you're not familiar with Steve, here's some info we gathered from his Patreon page to bring you up to speed:

"Hi, my name is Steve Guttenberg, I am a full time professional audio reviewer. I've been writing the Audiophiliac blog on for over 11 years, and reviews for CNET for 18 years. I write for Sound & Vision and Stereophile magazines as a freelancer, and I have also contributed to The Absolute Sound, Audio, Listener, Rob Report, and Home Theater magazines."

You can check out more of his videos and subscribe to his channel by clicking on the video below.  Some of our picks are "How selling an $11,000 turntable turned into a nightmare", "How different is buying high end audio In 2018 than It was in 1978?", and "The worst speaker I ever bought".

(Steve's listening session took place at NYC's very own High-End Hi-Fi institution, Stereo Exchange)

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