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Bowers & Wilkins 802 D2 Full Range Speakers with Rosenut Cabinets

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B&W Bowers & Wilkins 802D Speakers In Rosenut Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins 802 D2 Full Range Speakers with Rosenut Cabinets

SkyFi 479

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479 South Broad Street
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United States



Second iteration of this incredibly successful speaker line.

The 802 D2 is a 3-way speaker capable of tremendous imaging and clarity thanks to the cabinet design. We also have the matching B&W Diamond HTM4 D2 center channel available if you're looking for a home theater setup.

The 1" tweeter used in this 800 series has a dome of vacuum-deposited particles of diamond.

The 6" Kevlar-cone midrange driver in B&W's signature yellow tint has been updated with the addition of a foam damping ring under the cone periphery. And its more powerful but smaller neodymium magnet structure and redesigned basket mean that obstruction of the cone's rear radiation is greatly reduced. 

Two 8" woofers with Rohacell diaphragms complete the driver array. Rohacell is a lightweight sandwich of rigid foam between sheets of carbon fiber. 

Included are the two speakers as pictured, plus the complete set of grilles. 

The speakers feature bearings on the bottom both bases to allow ease of movement. There are no spikes.

These are listed for local pickup only, or we can deliver them about 100 miles away via SkyFi courier for an additional fee.

If you want shipping long distance you'll need to hire the experts from our local Craters and Freighters who will do an exemplary job.

More from B&W:

The 802D uses the same midrange and tweeter layout as the larger 800D and 801D, but its twin 8” bass drivers are housed in a narrower and more compact cabinet, making it ideal for those listeners that value the detail and imaging of the larger systems, but prefer a smaller aspect.

Although the styling is clearly based on its predecessor, the Nautilus 802, it has been revised and enhanced by changes to the plinth, the underside of the cabinet and the way the tweeter sits on the midrange enclosure. For those who prefer to operate the speaker with the grille in place, it’s curving profile detail lifts the whole look of the cabinet.

All three models that have aluminium plinths are supplied with roller glides for easy maneuverability. These may be replaced by optional heavy-duty feet if preferred. This new foot design is double-ended, with a spike for carpeted floors at one end and a clear, non- marking rubber pad at the other for more vulnerable surfaces. A total of 1.6” height adjustment is possible, which allows a few degrees of tilt if necessary.

Cosmetic Notes:

- Leather damage on one speaker, mostly covered by grill
- Light scratching and minor blemishes on multiple surfaces
- Deep lush wood tone throughout with no un-eveness or fading.
- Grills are super clean.

Technical Notes:

- No biwire jumpers are included. We can offer high-quality jumpers separately from Kimber Kable if desired.

Brand Background:
Excellence, uncompromised and uncompromising. The world’s most famous recording studios demand Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series loudspeakers, for no other reason than they represent the pinnacle of sonic supremacy.


Amplifier Recommendations:
100-250W solid state or tube

Biwire binding posts.

General Sound:
Smooth, uncolored, undistorted natural and clean

Cosmetic Condition:
7/10 = Good. One or two minor scratches. Well Maintained. See our detailed rating description here.

Working Condition:
Working perfectly and tested in our lab and listening room.

Exactly as pictured and described above.

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Original MSRP:
Approx $15,000


Technical features:
• Free-mounted diamond dome tweeter Nautilus tube tweeter loading
• Quad magnet tweeter motor
• Kevlar® brand fibre cone FST midrange
• Sphere/tube midrange enclosure
• Rohacell® cone bass
• Dual magnet bass driver motor
• Matrix cabinet
• Flowport

3-way vented-box system

Drive Units:
1 x ø25mm (1 in) diamond dome high-frequency
1 x ø150mm (6 in) woven Kevlar® cone FST midrange
2 x ø200mm (8 in) Rohacell® cone bass

Frequency Range:
-6dB at 27Hz and 33kHz

Frequency response:
34Hz - 28kHz ±3dB on reference axis

Within 2dB of reference response
Horizontal: Over 60 Degree Arc
Vertical: Over 10 Degree Arc

90dB spl (2.83V, 1m)

Harmonic Distortion:
2nd and 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)
<1% 40Hz - 100kHz
<0.5% 70Hz - 100kHz

Nominal Impedance:
8Ω (minimum 3.5Ω)

Crossover Frequency:
350Hz, 4kHz

Recommended Amplifier Power:
50W - 500W into 8Ω on unclipped programme

Max. recommended cable impedance

Dimensions - EACH:

44.7" (1138mm) H by 14.5" (363mm) W by 22.2" (565mm) D. 

Weight - EACH:

176 lbs (80kg) net

Recommended Cables:

Kimber Kable - Speaker Cables - Good

Kimber Kable - Speaker Cables - Better

Kimber Kable - Bi-Wire Speaker Cables - Best

Testing Process:

Our speaker evaluation process starts with a visual inspection of all drivers. We are looking for damaged or deteriorating woofer surrounds, dented tweeter domes, and cone damage. We also inspect the speaker connection points for loose or broken connectors.

After the initial visual inspection we connect the speakers to a reference amplifier with our preferred test tracks. With the speakers placed with proper distance we listen to each driver to make sure that they are producing the intended frequencies with no signs of distortion or rattle. During listening tests with test tracks we check for proper stereo imaging and bass response at various listening levels. If there are any audible signs of issues, the speakers are taken to the bench where we perform a frequency sweep to isolate the issue so that it can be resolved by component repair or replacement.

Our subwoofer evaluation process starts with a visual inspection of all drivers. We are looking for damaged or deteriorating woofer surrounds, cone damage, or rubbing voice coils. We also inspect the input connections for damage.

After the initial visual inspection, we connect the sub at our bench and perform a sine wave sweep from about 200Hz down to around 10Hz. During this sweep we are listening for excessive rattle or other signs of improper function. If the sweep passes, we then increase the input level to evaluate how the woofer performs at high output levels. If the woofer has built in crossover features or multiple connection options these features are tested at this time.

We complete the subwoofer evaluation by feeding the unit with an audio signal in conjunction with our house music system to see how it responds to low frequency content in real world conditions while paired with a full range system.

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