The Audiophiliac gets "Blown away by a Wilson Watt/Puppy, Krell, Spectral, Nakamichi system"

Back in the day, Steve "The Audiophiliac" Guttenberg would show up at his retail stereo shop gig a full hour before opening, just to listen to his vinyl collection on these incredible speakers.

Watch his latest video creation below to find out more:

SkyFi gear available for purchase from Steve's latest video:

We have two pairs of these awesome Wilson WATT / Puppy systems available:
• Wilson Audio WATT / Puppy System V (5) Speakers
• Wilson Audio WATT / Puppy System V (5) Speakers - With Grills and Spikes

• Krell KBL Analog Solid State Preamp w/External Power Supply, Stereophile "Class A" Rated (KBL stands for Krell Balanced Line)

• Spectral DMA-360 Solid State Monoblock Amplifier Pair

• Nakamichi DRAGON Flagship CD Player and DAC, Super Rare & Collectable

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