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Wilson Audio WATT / Puppy System V (5) Speakers

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Wilson Audio Watt / Puppy System V (5) Speakers

Wilson Audio WATT / Puppy System V (5) Speakers

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
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These wonderful speakers need little introduction, and we currently have two sets available for purchase from our collection.

Highly sought after and in my opinion should be owned by every serious audiophile at some point.

This particular pair comes in gloss black, and includes a copy of the original manual and the casters (wheels on the bottom of the speakers). No spikes or grills are included.

Condition is good but not perfect. They have a few scratches or scuffs here and there but are overall very presentable and clean. Blemishes are hardly visible a few feet back.

They are in perfect working condition and have been fully tested in our lab. 

And the woofers, which all fail at some point from deteriorated foam surrounds, have been professionally restored to perfection.

What’s great is that the new surround material will not suffer from the same problem and are likely to last 30+ years.

The work was performed by the renowned speaker guru Millersound in PA.

They are in perfect working condition and have been fully tested in our lab. 

Click here for a PDF copy of the Owner's Manual

Interesting Facts (from
• There are [JUST] over 2000 pair of Series 5/5.1's around the world! WATT/Puppy's started shipping in May of 1994, and the last one shipped in June of 1999.

• The WP 5.1 was used in professional settings including Lucasfilm Skywalker Ranch (shown in photo). They used the WP 5.1 in many blockbuster movies such as Academy Award-winning Jurassic Park and Titanic.

• The WATT/Puppy 5/5.1 won several awards including:
o 1994 – Best Sound at Show (Stereophile)
o 1995 – Best Sound at Show (Stereophile)
o 1995 – Best Speaker Design (Golden Note award – The Academy for the Advancement of the High End Audio)
o 1996 – Outstanding Floorstanding Loudspeaker (Super AV)
o 1996 – Best Speaker Design (Golden Note award – The Academy for the Advancement of the High End Audio)
o 1999 – Audio Product of the Year (AudioRevolution)
o 1999 – Loudspeaker of the Year (AudioRevolution)

Description:  Small, reflex-loaded monitor loudspeaker with separately enclosed, reflex-loaded woofer system
Drive-units:  Two 8" polymer-cone woofers, 7" treated-paper midrange unit, 1" inverted titanium-dome tweeter
Frequency response:  28Hz-21kHz, +0/-3dB
Nominal impedance:  4 ohms
Nominal Sensitivity:  93dB/W/m
Minimum power required:  10W
Dimensions:  12" W by 39" H by 16.5" D
Weight:  324 lbs/pair
Manufacturer:  Wilson Audio Specialties, Inc. 2233 Mountain Vista Lane, Provo, UT 84606-6222. Tel: (801) 377-2233. Fax: (801) 377-2282. Web:

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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Working Condition



More information courtesy of this excellent Stereophile Review by Wes Philips:

Watt's goin' on?
The WATT/Puppy is really two speakers which, taken together, comprise a reasonably full-range speaker system. The WATT was developed by David Wilson to serve as a location monitor for his recordings. Wilson constructed the two-way system with virtually no consideration for cost, which resulted in a speaker that set new standards for freedom from resonance, response speed, and accuracy within its bandwidth. The mass of the individual speakers left consumers gasping—though small, each speaker weighed 70 lbs!

The Puppy looks more like an ordinary box. It's 12" wide by 16.5" deep—a match for the WATT's footprint—which makes sense, since it's designed to serve as a stand for the monitors. Its 39" height is, not coincidentally, the ideal stand height for the WATT. The Puppy sports two 8" Dynaudio woofers constructed upon massive motor units (2" voice-coils!). The rear-firing ported enclosure is constructed to the same degree of rigidity as the WATT, and features extensive asymmetrical cross-bracing and internal tuning to control resonant spuriae.

Watt's the story?
Setting up the WATT/Puppys is an interesting process. Mark Goldman came to my house to introduce me to Wilson Audio's system of "voweling-in" a speaker to the room in which it is located (see sidebar). Wilson's dealers perform this service for any consumers purchasing the system. The point of the exercise is to remove the room from the equation, leaving the listener exposed to as much of the directly radiated sound as possible. The result was that the speakers were farther apart and nearer the rear walls than any other high-performance speaker I've experienced. My listening position was also pulled closer to the center of the room. Coupled with the WATT/Puppy's modest footprint, this means that in an average room the System 5 is about as unobtrusive as high-end speakers get—no more speakers in the middle of the floor!

The soundstage they threw, when positioned in this manner, was staggering. "Wide" doesn't begin to cover it—the image spread not from speaker to speaker but from wall to wall, its rear boundary seemingly limited only by the resolving power of the components upstream from the speakers. This took some getting used to—my old listening room, while not huge, was generously sized, but by the time speakers were set up a third of its width from each side wall, you didn't have a gigantic spread between them at all. I could get tightly focused soundstaging, but if, in an ensemble recording, only one instrumentalist was playing, that musician always seemed more or less centrally located. With the distance between the WATT/Puppys, that solo player would be so convincingly located to one side or the other that I would frequently leap up and inspect speaker connections on the opposite channel.

Dynamics? Lord, does this speaker system limn the full dynamic range. No detail is too slight to hear—this is the rare speaker that truly distinguishes between pp and ppp. On the other hand, if you want to hear a blast of raw power, this is your meat.

Did I say authority? By the end of the movement, Mark and I were practically being pushed back in our chairs by the force of the sound. In the sudden silence at the end of the movement, I swear I heard air molecules still sizzling. Mark looked at me and asked, "Do you normally listen that loud?" Well, no. But the sound never got distorted or congested. As we left the sound room, the manager rushed in and began checking the Sheetrock seams: "I don't know what they were doing in here, but on that side they were bulging!"

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