SkyFi Feature from Sound & Vision! "The Mighty Technics SL-1200"

Another excellent history and technical lesson from Bob Ankosko over at Sound & Vision!

Match Made in Heaven
As you might imagine, any of the SL-1200 models introduced over the years are coveted by audiophiles and DJs and command top dollar, especially if it’s an MK2 that’s been upgraded and customized like the stunning example shown here. No one knows this better than the audio specialists at NJ-based SkyFi Audio, the shop behind that MK2 makeover. They are constantly on the lookout for vintage Technics tables.

They hit the jackpot a few months ago when they scored a matched set of SL-1200MK2 with sequential serial numbers. The tables were purchased in 1985 by a semi-famous DJ living in Europe who beat the living hell out of them (in a good way). Despite the obvious wear and tear — most notably in the area directly below the pitch control — SkyFi’s Elliott White says, except for a set of replacement RCA cables and ground leads, the tables are all original and in surprisingly good condition. Both came with their original feet, official Technics dust covers, and 45 adapters, which are often lost or misplaced during transit.

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The Mighty Technics SL-1200 Bob Ankosko  |  Feb 18, 2021 | SkyFi Audio

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