Bowers, T+A HiFi, ReVox, and Super Rare Simon Yorke for our latest System of the Week

B&W (Bowers & Wilkins) Naultilus 802 Speakers
I was listening to these last night in our shop with Diana Krall's "Live In Paris" jazz feature... and it made me feel like I haven't really "heard" jazz in years. We just received these into the shop in a gorgeous cherrywood finish. They're the original Nautilus 802, one of speakers most often found in recording studios.

T+A HiFi - PA 3100 HV Integrated Amplifier
SkyFi is one of the few US dealers for Germany's T+A HiFi, and this integrated is our go-to in the shop when we need system shots, system testing, and so much more. We're constantly impressed by the large front panel VU meters, plus the adjacent "Zero-Wear" sensor buttons that feel and work just right. Plus the large source and volume control knobs are precision "incremental encoders running in needle roller bearings" which have to be felt to be believed.

ReVox PR99 MkIII Reel to Reel
The Revox PR99 MkIII features an electronically regulated 3-motor drive mechanism, 2-speeds with a variable speed range of -30% to +50%, electronic speed change over, integrated control logic with tape motion sensor, contactless switching of all motors, a real time tape counter, VU meters and optional remote control operation.

Simon Yorke Designs Model 10 Turntable
Super Rare and typically supplied with the S7.1 unipivot tonearm, the S10 permits multiple cartridges to be used and quickly interchanged, allowing professional users the ability to make rapid stylus-profile changes in archival applications and, for the audiophile, the option to make near-instant cartridge selection without the need to realign cartridge geometry.

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