Naim Audio "Olive Green" Complete 1990's System

The search for this Naim Audio "Olive Green" complete 1990's system led us across two continents, three US states, included technical review and adjustments in direct conjunction with Naim, and of course our lab testing and lots of real world listening.

You're the first to know we're about to list this system for sale!

Comprised of the following components:
1) NA CDX - CD + HDCD Player
2) NAT 03 - Digital FM Tuner
3) NAC 82 - Preamplifier + NAPSC Power Supply
4) HI-CAP - External Power Supply Upgrade for the NAC 82
5) SNAXO 3-6 N Active Crossover
6) HI-CAP External Power Supply for the SNAXO 3-6 N
7) 3 x NA 250 Stereo Amplifiers
8) NA NBL Tri-Amp 3-Way Speakers
9) Naim "Fraim" System Furniture Comprised of 127+ Individual Pieces with 7 Glass and Wood Shelves
10) All Associated Naim Interconnects

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