Another Sound & Vision Special Feature - Our Marantz 2500 Receiver Restoration

This exact Marantz Model 2500 just received an amazing writeup from Sound & Vision, courtesy of Bob Ankosko!

Link to check out the full article:

The Mighty Marantz 2500: A Commanding Presence

Link to this receiver on our store (available as of this writing)

Marantz Model 2500 Flagship Vintage Stereo Receiver

One of the most powerful receivers ever built by Marantz, and by far the best looking. 

Highlights include:
• Built-in oscilloscope 
• The best looking tuning meter in the industry
• Produced from 1977 to 1980
• 330W into 4 ohms 
• Two phono inputs

After the restoration was completed we set this up and had it playing in our large hard-to-fill shop, after our lab and bench testing. The musicality of the sound, especially the stereo separation, was incredible. 

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