A Mix of Old and New for our System of the Week

This System of the Week comes from our corporate offices at Cloud9 Smart in Union Square, NYC. Cloud9 Smart is an award-winning technology integrator for luxury smarthome projects in the US and abroad, as well as high-level commercial projects.

This system features a mix of old and new while paying close attention to both aesthetics and performance.  

Speakers are the hand-made in Italy like a musical instrument Sonus Faber Olympica II in gloss black with leather bound tops.  

The amplifier is a quintessential classic McIntosh MC-275 MK6 (latest generation), while the preamp is a solid state McIntosh C48.  

To spin records we have a vintage restored Thorens TD-124 constructed by SkyFi.  

The picture frame is a unique high-resolution video display made by Samsung and is actually called “The Frame”.

Check out more Cloud9 via their professionally created and curated YouTube channel and on Instagram.

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