A Special Feature by Gear Patrol Magazine - SkyFi's Akai GX-747 Reel to Reel

Earlier this year we were thrilled to learn the team at Gear Patrol wanted to shoot one of our more unique vintage listings for an upcoming story - specifically our Akai GX-747 Professional Stereo Reel to Reel Tape Recorder that we had recently posted to our official Instagram.

If you're not yet familiar with Gear Patrol on the web, feel free to join their roughly three million+ monthly visitors by checking out their "Who We Are" page (along with a fantastic video!).  They also offer a real print magazine that has to be felt in-hand to fully understand the dedication to their cause and details.

Yesterday the story went live and we are !! thrilled !! with the results.  

Please click below to read the full article on their site:

"THE REEL DEAL - How the Ultimate Analog Music Player Is Making a Comeback"

And if Reel to Reel isn't your thing, definitely check out Gear Patrol's Vintage Marantz Receiver Buying Guide.  In addition to covering the basics before buying one of these silver and black beauties, the "Navigating the Models" section is invaluable to easily compare specific differences from that time period.

A little more about Gear Patrol:

"Founded in 2007, Gear Patrol is an award-winning print and digital publication, store and content studio based in New York City. We believe that the things we create and own, as well as the habits that surround them, play a crucial role in our global culture. Products, in short, are culture. From the Model T to the iPhone, and anything before or since, products hold the power to revolutionize the way we work, relax, communicate, travel, look, learn and more."

A special thank you to Jack Seemer (Senior Associate Editor, Gear Patrol) for initially reaching out, Tucker Bowe (Staff Writer, Gear Patrol) for his dedication to our work, and Henry Phillips (Photo Editor, Gear Patrol) for making this GX-747 shine like no other.

Photo credit for the photo displayed in this posting - Henry Phillips

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