Pre-Espirit Sony Preamp and Amp for our System of the Week

This week we're featuring a rare, vintage, and collectible Preamp/Amplifier combination from our personal connection that is also available for purchase.  

We are still looking for the rare matching cassette deck noted below... should you have one and are interested in selling, please send us a message via

These pieces are before Sony released their highest-end Sony ES line, and even before the Sony Espirit line, and are considered "Pre-Espirit".
This system is comprised of the following pieces:

Sony TC-K88B
REAL LCD VU meters pre-1980 (!), Dual Power Transformers, and a Front Loading Drawer/Drive/Display Assembly on Extruded Aluminum Rails.

Sony TA-E86B Preamp
Full Dual Mono Design Featuring Discrete Signal Paths for the Left and Right Channels. Signals Flow from Right to Left with all Connectors on the Sides.

Sony TA-N86B Amplifier
Featuring a Selector Switch for Class A or Class B Operation.

"The Vintage Knob" website is a fantastic wealth of information on Sony (as well as many other vintage brands), and we suggest you check them out for more details via the links provided below.

What is Sony Espirit?
Sony TC-K88B Cassette Deck
Sony TA-E86B Preamp
Sony TA-N86B Amplifier

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