Yamaha CT-7000 FM Tuner - Legendary Build Quality and Performance


It's a shame the CT-7000 is the only piece in this series that Yamaha built.

We've yet to find another piece from this era with the same outstanding build quality, parts selection, and performance. A matching Yamaha preamp and amp would have been a killer combo!

This particular unit essentially looks new. It would be hard to discern from one that just left the factory. 

This is a true survivor piece and is priced accordingly. Only produced from 1974 through 1978.

The wood cabinet has a gorgeous patina, and looks amazing, with the typical Yamaha brushed aluminum look.

On the bench it performed up there with tuners like the McIntosh MR78 and the Tandberg 3001. Seriously. 

We just fitted new bulbs to make sure the next owners experience is trouble free.

Lastly it's featured on The Vintage Knob website, so you know it's something special.

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Please see our photos for technical specifications. 



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