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Wisdom Audio 3.1 Line Array Active Speaker System - Killer for Large Rooms

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Wisdom Audio 2.1 Line Array Active Speaker System - Killer For Large Rooms Speakers

Wisdom Audio 3.1 Line Array Active Speaker System - Killer for Large Rooms

SkyFi 479

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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If you have a large room in need of a powerful sound system, this might be the answer.

I have a similar system in my weekend home which is a large 2500 square foot barn. I struggled for years to find the perfect speaker and realized the answer was a line array, not a conventional point source.

You see, point source speakers are great if your have a dedicated listening spot in a moderately sized room. But my barn had many seating positions spread throughout, and a single tweeter position would blast the closest spot while barely reaching the furthest.

Line arrays are able to deliver even and well-defined sound regardless of the distance.

This unique system from the geniuses at Wisdom is fully active, meaning it's composed of a digital crossover responsible for sending the correct frequencies to the corresponding amplifier.

Also note that this complete system retails for over $60k so this is a great value.

There are two amplifiers providing a total of 5 amplification channels, with several hundred watts of power each.

Needless to say the model STS subwoofer is capable of delivering bass for even a concert hall! The cabinet is pretty massive but thankfully can be located in a corner of the room or a nearby closet.


We also just added a Sage P20 center speaker (not pictured)

Speakers are bi-amplified meaning the high frequencies get one dedicated channel, while the mid/bass frequencies get a second dedicated channel for the ultimate in power and control.

This system was only ever used in a showroom demo environment so it has received little use over the years. We have thoroughly tested it in our shop where it is performing great.

Shipping will need to be via freight which will ensure it arrives safely. We can ship it for $800 including insurance anywhere in the Lower 48 US States. If you're outside of this area please contact us for a quote.

This Wisdom System is comprised of the following components:
2 x Sage LS75 Speakers
1 x STS Subwooder
1 x SA-2 Amplifier
1 x SA-3 Amplifier
1 x SC-1 Controller

1x Sage P20 Center Speaker (just added). 

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More from Wisdom Audio:

Sage L75
Line Source Free-Standing Loudspeaker

The Sage L75 offers the ultimate high-end audiophile loudspeaker in a slim and stylish design that fully integrates into any home. Ideal for home theater and media rooms, L75 produces the highest level of sonic refinement and performance available in an architectural speaker. The floor standing Sage L75 includes 48” of line source planar magnetic driver – and four robust 6” woofers for low distortion, high-resolution sound and a superior dynamic range. Innovative design delivers excellent bass performance in an incredibly small enclosure.

Architectural Design With Custom In Mind
Slim and elegant in design, the freestanding Sage L75 can be painted to blend nicely into a your décor.

Eliminate Floor And Ceiling Reflection
The Line Source design eliminates floor and ceiling reflection while distributing sound levels uniformly across the width of any room.

Big Bass In Small Boxes
Featuring Sage Series dynamic woofers that are more than twice as powerful as typical woofers for great bass without huge, ugly boxes that are difficult to place.

STS Subwoofer
Free-Standing RTL Subwoofer

The STS establishes a new benchmark in subwoofer performance. Until now, there hasn’t been a subwoofer that is capable of delivering both unsurpassed musicality, and the high SPL and accurate, extended bass desired for the ultimate in movie performance within large residential spaces. The STS’ highly efficient dual 15-inch woofers yield fast, dynamic results with accurate timbre for unsurpassed musicality. Each STS can deliver significant SPL, given its 101dB sensitivity, reaching an astonishing SPL capability of 130dB at 20 Hz.

The Regenerative Transmission Line
Regenerative Transmission Line designs yielded the unique combination of high sensitivity, high output, and low distortion with the uniform and extended response we required. The result is extraordinary power and punch combined with a remarkable level of quickness, tunefulness and realism.

System Controller

Wisdom Audio’s SC-1 System Controller incorporates an electronic crossover and acoustic room correction that incorporates Audyssey MultEQ XT technology. It also includes selectable, RS-232 operable memory settings for optimized performance in varied acoustic settings for music and film environments. A PC-based installation application allows a professional installer to configure the SC-1 for the particular complement of Sage Series speakers used in a given installation.

A good loudspeaker is designed to deliver sound with little distortion and coloration. But when even great speakers are placed in a room, things change. Walls, furniture, and other objects reflect and absorb the sound from your speakers, creating complex distortions specific to your room, which could not have been predicted by the loudspeaker designer.

SA-2 and SA-3
Power Amplifiers

While many contemporary amplifiers waste 50% or more of the power they pull from the wall as heat, the SA-series amplifiers run at approximately 90% efficiency. As a result, more power is available for the loudspeaker, and less is wasted as heat in your room.

The high efficiency of the SA-series design also means that the amplifiers can be placed in close proximity to each other, as in an equipment rack, without undue overheating.



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Wisdom Audio 2.1 Line Array Active Speaker System - Killer For Large Rooms Speakers
Wisdom Audio 3.1 Line Array Active Speaker System - Killer for Large Rooms Sale price$26,989.00 Regular price$29,990.00