Westlake Audio Speaker Cables (Pair), Large 4 Gauge Diameter Wiring, 7ft


Proudly made in the USA out of Newbury Park, CA.

And yes these are a pair of FOUR GAUGE cables terminated in banana connectors at both ends. The largest gauge that Westlake offers for their cables.

More from Westlake Audio:

Westlake Audio speaker cables are designed to carry a signal with the least amount of loss and audible distortion.

Westlake cables will improve the performance of any loudspeaker by providing a signal path that is high in conductivity, low in resistance.

The Westlake bi-wire cable assemblies will further reduce signal resistance and intermodulation distortion that would occur if the whole audio signal were carried in the same cable.

High strand count, high temperature silicone insulation and quality heavy duty terminations assure flexibility and long and trouble free service life.



Original Box

Not Included


Not Included


Not Applicable


Yes as Pictured

Physical Condition

8 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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