Western Electric 350B Tubes - USN-CW-350B Matched Pair - US Navy Tube - Holy Grail 6L6


This listing is for a matched pair of Holy Grail 6L6 vintage Western Electric tubes.

Cosmetic Notes:

• One tube appears to have some type of brown material built into the base. This tube's base is also slightly loose but could be easily firmed up with a bit of glue if desired. Does not affect functionality.

• Getter flashes are in great shape.

These tubes were tested on our modern and professional Amplitrex AT-1000 Tester.

They both tested very close to NOS Spec and are matched within 1% for plate current and within 4% for Gm. See Results Below:

Plate Current % of NOS / Gm % of NOS - Measured Plate Current in mA

Tube 1: 96/102 - 90mA
Tube 2: 97/98 - 90.8mA

These tubes were also tested for function in an audio circuit in one of our restored and fully functional McIntosh MC240 Amplifiers.



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Working Condition


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