Wadia 381i CD Transport With Wadia 121 DAC


The Wadia 318i is a very high quality CD player with amazing parts selection and design.

The chassis alone is a work of art, made of very thick aluminum throughout and featuring a complex closing mechanism.

The CD mechanism inside the 318i is a Stream Unlimited CD Transport unit, which is one of the most capable ever made.

However the DAC inside the 318i was a bit outdated, so we decided to turn it into a pure CD transport and mate it with a more modern Wadia 121 DAC, capable of resolutions up to 192kHz.

Essentially we turned the 318 into a high end CD Transport which will never be outdated, which was well worth the effort considering it's built on the legendary  mechanism.

The 121 has plenty of inputs, and makes for a super flexible and capable DAC. Since it's also a Wadia, the remote for the 318i will control both units.

We also have all the original packing materials, remote, and manual.

Cosmetically both units are In great shape, with the only signs of aging showing on the top cover of the CD player which has faded in color a bit.

Wadia 381i CD Transport Sales Brochure

Wadia 381i CD Transport Manual

Wadia 121 Decoding Computer (DAC) Sales Brochure

Wadia 121 Decoding Computer (DAC) Manual

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