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VPI SDS Synchronous Drive System - Motor Controller

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Vpi Sds Synchronous Drive System - Motor Controller Accessory

VPI SDS Synchronous Drive System - Motor Controller

SkyFi 479

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A great upgrade to just about any 'table with synchronous motor drive, and a must for all VPI’s.  

Tested in our lab with a VPI table (not required) and it tracked and synced perfectly.  

Like new and well cared for. Includes power cord.

VPI SDS Synchronous Drive System Speed Control Device Provides Dead-On-Accurate Speed for Perfect Timing and Lowest-Possible Wow and Flutter From Your VPI Turntable

Designed to vastly improve the performance of any VPI turntable, the VPI Synchronous Drive System Speed Control Device (SDS) combines a turntable motor speed controller and an AC line isolator into a compact component that yields vital enhancements to the overall analog sound. Simply plug your VPI turntable into SDS and hear the improvements a proper motor drive creates: Solid and deeper bass, smoother midrange, sweeter highs, lower noise floor, and deeper imaging. SDS allows for proper calibration of platter speed, ensuring that your VPI 'table spins at a constant speed and, after calibration, operates at the correct speed. In addition, SDS provides individual speed corrections for LPs and 45s in increments as small as 0.01Hz. Such fine-tuning affords the listener the ability to truly "dial-in" the performance of any VPI turntable.

How SDS Works, and What It Does
SDS breaks new ground in clean, accurate power delivery via advanced digital technology and quartz crystal accuracy. It allows for the adjustment of both the voltage and frequency fed to the turntable motor. Adjustments are easily made from the front panel using intuitive, soft-touch controls. The selected output voltage and frequency are shown using large, legible LED displays. SDS slowly ramps the voltage and frequency up or down to the selected value in order to prevent premature motor wear due to abrupt changes. During motor startup, SDS increases its output voltage in order to quickly bring the platter up to speed. Once the desired platter speed is reached, SDS ramps the output voltage down in order to reduce motor vibration and, therefore, the system's noise floor.

Removes Voltage Spikes, Fluctuations, RFI, and Frequency Variations

The circuit used in SDS provides an incredibly accurate line frequency of great stability. Additionally, the electronic circuitry effectively isolates the output voltage from the input voltage, doing away with voltage spikes, low level fluctuations, RFI, and frequency variations. Instead of merely filtering the power line, SDS first converts it to pure DC voltage and then digitally regenerates its own clean AC signal. This approach is superior to that used in many of the other power line conditioners on the market.

Works With All AC Synchronous Motors in VPI 'Tables 
SDS is designed to work with the AC synchronous motors in VPI turntables. The speed of a synchronous motor is determined by the frequency it is fed. Logically, a device whose speed is based on the AC line frequency will function better when a stable consistent frequency is delivered. Constant motor speed translates into a quieter, more faithful musical presentation.

Attention Record Collectors: Finally Enjoy the Correct Musical Pitch

Many historical recordings are not transferred onto modern records at the proper speed. Using SDS, you can now correct the musical pitch of these recordings by varying the speed of your turntable. In addition, collectors that have VPI turntables that run at 78RPM will be able to accurately adjust them to compensate for the wide variation in recording speed used in the 78RPM era.

Brand Background:

VPI Industries is a family owned, high-end audio manufacturer that has been in business for over 35 years. Although best known for their high-end turntables, VPI have recently introduced the Player and Clifford models which offer similar performance at an approachable price. Their VPI Record Cleaning Machines (RCMs) are the industry standard for collectors and record shops alike. VPI components are designed and built in Cliffwood, New Jersey.


Single Owner 


Single IEC Power Cord

Cosmetic Condition:

8 - Very Slight Signs of Use

Working Condition:

Working perfectly and tested in our lab.


Just the unit and power cord


Will be packed using our highly developed in-house process and custom packing materials.

Original MSRP:



16" X 3" X 12" (W x H x D)


10.0 lbs.


Recommended Cables:

Kimber Kable - Base 14 Gauge Power Cord - Good

Kimber Kable - Base 10 Gauge Power Cord - Good

Kimber Kable - Ascent 14 Gauge Power Cord - Better

Kimber Kable - Ascent 10 Gauge Power Cord - Better

Kimber Kable - Palladian 14 Gauge Power Cord - Best

Kimber Kable - Palladian 10 Gauge Power Cord - Best


85 TO 264 VOLTS AC

47 TO 440 HZ.



72 TO 115 VOLTS AC

52.0 TO 66.0 HZ. FOR 33 RPM
71.0 TO 90.0 HZ. FOR 45 RPM

175 mA AC (RMS)

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