VPI HW-19 Vintage Turntable w/Zeta Tonearm and NEW Sumiko Cartridge


We've had lots of HW-19's come through the shop, but never with a cool arm like this Zeta.

When you pick up this 'table, you'll instantly realize the sort of quality and parts selection that goes into it. It weighs in at close to 50 lbs.

• VPI Power Line Conditioner
Nordost Blue Heaven RCA Interconnects
BRAND NEW Sumiko Amethyst MM (Moving-Magnet) Cartridge ($599)
Super Clean Dust Cover
Terrific condition with no significant scratches or wear marks. The best we've seen in this gloss black finish.
VPI Screw Down Record Clamp

This turntable was carefully reviewed and serviced here in our shop. It's working as it should with a very accurate motor speed and smooth tonearm action, resulting in perfect tracking.

Feel free to chose another Sumiko cartridge, or you can also supply you own for our in-house calibration.



Original Box

Not Included


Yes Included


Not Applicable


Yes Per Description

Physical Condition

8 / 10

Working Condition

10 / 10

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