Von Schweikert Audio - UniField Model Three Floorstanding Speakers


Diminutive in size but BIG in sound. $15k when new.

In near perfect condition with only a few scuffs.

All drivers are working absolutely perfectly.

This listing Includes the pictured grills and stands.

From an review written by Jonathan Valin in The Absolute Sound:

Albert Von Schweikert set out to produce a tiny, full-range, single-voiced speaker for small rooms that, unlike so many speakers for small rooms, would not rob you of the deep bass, imaging precision, and dynamic scale of big speakers. The design he settled on is very nearly unique—an “augmented” one-way. That you can occasionally hear the augmentation (or its effects) doesn’t change the fact that throughout most of its range the UniField really does speak with one beautiful and persuasively lifelike voice. Though the Three is not a speaker for really big spaces or for rock concerts played back at stadium levels and at $15k the pair has a good deal of serious competition, it certainly fills a niche for apartment and condo dwellers who hanker for full-range sound in a small svelte package. Though I wouldn’t call the UniField a completely neutral loudspeaker—it has, by design, a voice of its own that is robust but meltingly beautiful, superbly focused but never edgy, supremely quick but never aggressive, highly detailed but highly forgiving—it is a constant pleasure to listen to and never less than musically convincing.

Driver Complement:
3-inch ribbon tweeter, 5-inch composite cone full-range driver, 7-inch magnesium cone woofer

Frequency Range:
32Hz to 40kHz (-3dB down points are 25Hz and 50kHz)

88dB @ one watt/one meter in anechoic conditions, 91dB in-room

Less than 0.8% at normal listening level (5 watts)

8 ohms nominal (4 ohms minimum)

Power Rating:
300 watts peak, 100 watts RMS (minimum of 20 watts)

10" x 40" x 14"

190 lbs./pr. (including stands)

Original Price:
$15,000 (including stands)

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