Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Baby Grand Speakers, In Gloss Black with Boxes


Listening tests quickly revealed the great amount of detail these speakers can provide.

They also have a pretty diminutive footprint. Along with their black gloss finish they kinda disappear into the room raising the "partner acceptance factor"

Paint is pretty good with the exception of the scratch pointed out in one of our pictures.

We took our time and carefully stabilized it, touching it up so that it somewhat blends into the high gloss finish as much as possible.

These come with a very unique set of stands which are screwed into the bottom of each speaker, and matching spikes which are dull enough not to ruin floor finishes.

Tested and working like new. All drivers show no signs of use at all, and are perfect in sound and cosmetics.

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From a Sound & Vision review written by the one and only Mr. Michael Fremer:

Performance Similar to the Big Beethovens
The Beethoven Baby Grand has a vivid, rich, and inviting tonal balance. Those were descriptors I used in my 2006 Beethoven Concert Grand review, and they are equally useful in describing the Baby Grand sound.

“On top,” I wrote in 2006, “the speaker was silky smooth, airy, open, and neither overly aggressive (unless pushed) nor frustratingly polite and soft. Bass extension—down to the 30-Hz area—was on the full, rich, supple side, but never sloppy or thick.

The midrange was equally expressive and vivid, but not to where it was cloying or sounded like coloration. The speaker’s rhythmic agility was well matched to its transient performance: not the fastest and cleanest, but pleasing and natural to the point where I felt the bestsounding recordings I own were worth a spin, while the shriller, less listenable ones became more pleasing.”

Considering the generally crispy nature of most processed soundtracks, this balance seems to be ideal for watching movies, while also providing long-term listening pleasure with music. And, in fact, that was the case during the months the system was in my living room.

Three-way, tower loudspeaker

1.1" silk dome

6" polypropylene/TPX cone

6" polypropylene/TPX cone (Two)

Nominal Impedance:
4 ohms

Recommended Amp Power (watts):
40 – 250

Available Finishes:
Cherry, Rosewood, Piano Black, Piano White

Dimensions (W x H x D):
6.7" x 38.9" x 12.9"

130 lbs.




Original Box





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Physical Condition


Working Condition


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