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Verity Audio Tamino x3 Floorstanding Speakers - Rare!

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Verity Audio Tamino X3 Floorstanding Speakers - Rare!

Verity Audio Tamino x3 Floorstanding Speakers - Rare!

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

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We've had a few Verity speakers come through our shop, but never this model which is fairly rare.

Most of them have been over $10k, but here is a chance to get some of the Verity magic in a smaller package at a fraction of the cost.

Tested thoroughly in our lab and listening room, working as they should, able to produce a big sound despite their diminutive size. Probably due to their front AND rear facing bass units.

In a high gloss finish with a few light scratches or scuffs that are typical of black speakers.

Please see our last photo or the Owner's Manual link below for full specifications.

Verity Audio Tamino x2 Manual

More on these speakers from Tamino:

Product Overview
Your new Tamino is a mature-engineered high-quality audio component. The Tamino brings a substantial improvement to any audio system and gives its full potential when associated with the finest ancillary equipment.

The Tamino is based on the same cabinet construction principles as our acclaimed Fidelio and Parsifal. It uses carefully selected quality components that integrate harmoniously in a complete floor-standing loudspeaker that will give hours of enjoyment.

The result is a high-quality loudspeaker that gives a great sense of liveliness, scale, and presence in the listening space. Your Tamino, without any doubt, will sound naturally even throughout a wide frequency spectrum and dynamic range.

The Verity Audio Tamino loudspeaker will give outstanding results with a wide variety of equipment. They have been designed to offer outstanding performance in moderate size rooms. Their design renders a highly accurate and focused image, an amazing blend of lightning speed and sweetness as well as a cathedral soundstage.

Tamino x3
The Tamino 3-way integrates two woofer drivers. The main woofer reproduces bass and mid frequencies while the second woofer is tuned for bass only. The later is located at the rear of the Tamino cabinet. It is paralleled-coupled to the front midrange-woofer and low-passed at 100 Hz. This extra woofer, adds an extra 6dB to the bass headroom, an appreciated feature for home-theater lovers.

Power Handling
The power tolerance of a loudspeaker is correlated to its maximum voice-coil heat dissipation and to its maximum cone displacement. These parameters are in turn stimulated by the time, amplitude and spectral characteristics of the applied musical energy. At low-frequencies, the maximum cone displacement is normally reached before maximum voice-coil temperature.

With the Taminoís transducers, because of their superior ventilation system, the voice-coils will most likely never reach critical temperatures. But, low-frequencies played at high levels can ask for larger cone displacement than allowed by the driver suspension. A driver reaching its maximum displacement will not break unless this situation is maintained for an inordinate period of time. Before a driver reaches its maximum displacement, its distortion level will increase greatly and will become audible. So when a speaker starts sounding bright and hard or if any "cracking noise" can be heard, just lower the level until it sounds comfortable again.

The Tamino has to be played unexpectedly loud before any occurrence of compression or distortion appears.

Cabinet Resonance
Cabinet resonances are controlled in a very special way. Their amplitudes are lowered and their frequencies are increased. Because higher frequencies are more directional, it will be most unlikely that they get the chance to reach the listening point. Of course, the listening room has to be properly treated. Also, traveling high-frequency sonic waves attenuate faster than their low frequency counterpart. A unique cabinet bracing arrangement can break a wall resonance into multiple higher frequency resonances that are not harmonically related. By doing so, their amplitudes are greatly reduced. The cabinet construction tolerances are so tight that only computer- controlled tooling can cut panels with acceptable accuracy.

The cabinet rigidity lowers even more any chances of coloration caused by unwanted vibrations. Special materials are used to ensure stability of the cabinet in any acoustical environment.

Care of the Finish
The black piano finish available for the Tamino is composed of high-grade Italian lacquer. You will only find them on luxury pieces of furniture. They are long-lasting finishes and need little care.

Never use any solvent or abrasives to clean your speakers. To remove fingerprints, use a lint-free cloth moistened with a few drops of water.

Use a clothes brush to clean the black velvet front panel. A transparent packing tape works also very well.

The Verity Audio direct gold-plated solid-copper binding posts have been specially designed to introduce a very low impedance path for high-power signals. To keep it at its best, we recommend cleaning them every year with one of the special contact cleaners available on the market. The best results can be obtained from products that have been specially formulated for gold-plated connectors.

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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