Verity Audio Sarastro 3-Way Speakers in Special Order Silver Finish, Rare Aluminum Ribbon Tweeters!


Crazy 93 dB efficiency due to the use of a transformer for the tweeters, meaning these can be powered well with as little as 7 watts!

Featuring a 11" rear ported woofer to ensure rich deep bass.

Consecutive serial numbers means they were produced to match together.

Great condition with no visible signs of use or deep scratches. We did touch up a few corners with matching paint which came out superb.

This listing is for a compete package set including very high quality flight cases that will ensure safe travel worldwide.

Flat $600 shipping anywhere in the contiguous 48 US States. Please contact us for a quote if you're outside of this area as we do ship worldwide.

Verity Audio Sarastro Speakers - Owner's Manual

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Great Stereophile review from the one and only Mr. Michael Fremer:

Verity Audio's goal was clearly to build a nearly full-range, compact loudspeaker of exceptional sonic purity, transparency, resolving power, and coherence. Even the shortest audition with your favorite recordings should convince you that, in the Sarastro, the Verity designers have succeeded beyond what will be many experienced listeners' expectations. At least that's been my reaction.

The Verity Audio Sarastro provided among the most pleasurable listening experiences in my long audiophile life. If your musical tastes lean toward unamplified music and you can afford them, I recommend the Verity Audio Sarastros without hesitation.

The Sarastro is not a brash, bowl-you-over performer but a sonic sophisticate. While it's unable to "kick ass," it is capable of providing enormous, almost overwhelming musical satisfaction and sheer listening pleasure, coupled with an almost supernatural ability to retrieve and unravel recorded spatial information without highlighting or spotlighting. It paints an effortlessly natural musical picture, and is one of the few speakers I've encountered that can deliver the goods not only at realistic concert-hall levels, but, more important, at far lower levels. That, too, was a design goal—not stated explicitly by Verity, but obvious from the way the driver technology was explained to me in person and in the company's literature.

At realistic levels, the Sarastros provide full dynamic expression—and you'll find that they deliver far higher SPLs than you think you're hearing. But if you play them more loudly than that, no more dynamics are to be had, and the picture begins to fall apart. In many ways the Sarastro's soncs reminded me of a good single-ended triode tube amplifier: idiosyncratic but oh-so-interesting If my experience with them is any indication, in a short time you'll grow accustomed to listening at realistic levels and enjoy your listening more, and for longer periods of time. But if you listen mostly to amplified music, you'll be wasting your money on the Sarastros. They can play rock—if that's part of your musical mix, you won't feel as cheated by them as you might by some very small box speakers, or by some electrostats or planars—but rock is not the Sarastros' musical mission.

Every loudspeaker embodies compromises. Though the Sarastros are relatively compact and can work well in a small room, their prodigious bass output and subjectively underdamped bass tuning make them better suited for rooms of medium to large size, where they can be placed far enough away from the wall behind them. I wouldn't go any smaller than my own 15' by 21' by 8' room, lest the bass overwhelm the sound. Then again, how any loudspeaker's bass loads a room is mostly unpredictable. Perhaps JA's measurements will provide more clues.

When I listened to the Sarastros in Verity's listening room, they drove them with Nagra tube amps, probably in part because Audiophile Systems distributes both brands in North America. I auditioned the Sarastros with my references: Musical Fidelity kW monoblocks, Music Reference RM-200 tube amp, Yamaha MX-D1 digital amplifier (under review). At 93dB, even the 100Wpc tube amp had no problem driving the Sarastros, and I was surprised to find the speakers' bass performance remarkably consistent with all three amplifiers. Overall, though, I preferred the tube amp, which inexplicably seemed to provide the speaker with the most consistent low-frequency control and drive.

Three-way, rear ported full range floorstanding loudspeaker

2-inch aluminum ribbon

6-inch damped polypropylene cone

11-inch damped polypropylene cone

Frequency Response:
20 Hz to 50 kHz ( ± 3dB)

93 dB/W/m

Power Handling:
400 watts

Nominal Impedance:
8 ohms (4 ohms minimum)

Height: 47.5 inches
Front width: 11 inches
Rear width: 14 inches
Depth: 20 inches

150 lbs

Standard Finish:
Italian high-gloss black piano

Special order:
Italian high-gloss Makore, Sycamore Quilted Big Leaf Maple, and Metallic high-gloss silver

MSRP Price:
$29,995 with flight cases



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Physical Condition


Working Condition


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