Triode TRV-CD3 CD Player - Your Choice - Tubes or Solid State!


One of the most unique CD players we've ever seen - and we've certainly seen our fair share of them!  

Featuring a unique set of dual analog outputs... one powered by transistors, and the other by vacuum tubes.  So if you can't decide the type of output stage you want, this might be your answer. 

You can even hook up both outputs to your preamp and switch between the two, assuming you've got two free line level RCA inputs such as CD and Tuner.  

It also has standard optical and coaxial digital outputs should you wish to feed this piece to an external DAC.

This is a very well constructed machine, not some Chinese low quality attempt at HiFi.  It features a well constructed chassis utilizing heavy machined aluminum parts, and clear & well laid out controls.  

A rare piece not easy to find on the US market. 

Fully tested and working perfectly. 

Includes the original remote, power cord, and a 120V to 100V step-down power transformer.

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



Original Box





Yes - Model SP05B


Yes - Power

Anything Else? Yes - Step-Down Power Transformer

Physical Condition


Working Condition



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