Thiel CS2.3 Floorstanding Speakers, 3-Way With Passive Radiator


The Thiel CS2.3 is a 3-Way floorstanding speaker with a passive radiator.

A passive radiator gives you a tremendous amount of bass from a limited size cabinet, while assisting the main woofer.

At the top you'll find a coaxial mid-range tweeter typical of the Thiel slope baffle speaker.

The tweeters were just replaced by the factory service center and were thoroughly tested and working like new.

The speakers are finished in black and overall condition is good, although they do show some signs of wear. The cabinets have a few light scratches or imperfections. The grills are in good shape featuring a black fabric. 

The rear of one of the cabinets does have a small trim piece missing, the bottom near to the floor. It's pretty much invisible under normal operation but we felt it was worth mentioning.

These speakers were tested in our lab and in our listening room where they sounded terrific. Really big sound for their footprint. Very responsive and great bass response. 

We're able to ship these speakers with our freight partner in custom boxes that we'll build to ensure save travels. Flat $600 freight anywhere within the lower 48 States. If you're outside of this area, or closer to us on the East Coast, please contact us first for a quote.

From a Stereophile review written by Brian Damkroger:

The Thiel CS2.3 is a superb loudspeaker, and an eloquent testimonial to Jim Thiel's design expertise and his company's manufacturing skills. So many loudspeakers for which technical or theoretical accuracy is claimed don't, in practice, come close to the CS2.3's clear, uncolored sound. Other manufacturers may brag about designing for the most musical presentation, measurements be damned, but their speakers can't deliver nearly the sheer musical enjoyment I got out of the little Thiels.

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Drive-units (all anodized aluminum):
1" (25mm) dome tweeter coincident with 4.5" (114mm) cone midrange
8" (204mm) cone woofer
9" (230mm) passive radiator

Crossover frequencies:

Crossover slopes:
Acoustic first-order

Frequency response:

Phase response:
Minimum phase ±5 degrees

Nominal impedance:
4 ohms (3 ohms minimum).

87dB / 2.83V / 1m

Recommended power:
100 - 400W

41.5" (1055mm) H
11" (280mm) W
15" (380mm) D

Weight Each:
70 lbs



Original Box








Physical Condition


Working Condition


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