Theta Dreadnaught High Current 7 Channel Theater Amplifier


This amp has the amplifier modules installed to achieve 3 x 225W and 4 x 100W channels. It can be upgraded to a total of 10 channels with the right cards. 

The 3 x 225W modules use my favorite "clamp style" speaker connector found on Jeff Rowland amplifiers. It is capable of both single ended and XLR inputs for ultimate flexibility. 

This is a massive amplifier in both size, weight, and power.  Be sure to measure you furniture to see if it fits properly.  

The cosmetic design is stunning and unique.  It looks like something you would find in the engine bay of a supercar.  The front panel features a machined wave design, while the top has slots and vents for proper cooling and aesthetics.  

Cosmetic condition is good but not perfect.  The front panel has a rub mark on the right, and there are a few dings on the edges.  

Functionally it is perfect and it passed with flying colors in our test bench, where we ran each channel to its full power while monitoring the noise and distortion.  There are no bulging caps or other signs of abuse. 

Theta equipment like this is in high demand and the prices keep climbing.  Their newer amps use Class D amplification, and are not quite as musical as the conventional yet costly to make Class A/B designs from this era.  



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Physical Condition


Working Condition


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