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Technics SL-1210GR Turntable, Heavily Modified, With New Sumiko

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Technics Sl1210Gr Heavily Modified With New Sumiko Turntable

Technics SL-1210GR Turntable, Heavily Modified, With New Sumiko

SkyFi 479

Pickup currently unavailable

479 South Broad Street
Glen Rock NJ 07452
United States


We started this build with the already superb SL-1210GR. Please don't confuse this model with the similar looking units.

The GR is a special edition featuring upgrades not found in other common SL-1200's.

The result is a fully maxed out SL-1200 worthy of being part of the best high-end Hi-Fi systems.

Upgrades included in this build:
1) Brand new Sumiko Starling MC Low Output Cartridge (not pictured).
2) SkyFi in-house 12 Step calibration process.
3) Outboard regulated and filtered power supply.
4) Machined aluminum feet with rubber suspension bands precisely made for the weight of the SL-1200.
5) Heavyweight aluminum record weight.
6) Micro Seiki Headshell.
7) Kimber Kable Hero RCA Interconnect with WBT Connectors (2m length).
8) AudioQuest NGR3 Power Cable (1m length).
9) Heavy-duty rubber record mat.
10) Clear dust cover (hinged).

More from Technics:

Technics SL-1200GR Direct-Drive Turntable Features Hand-Tuned Electronic Speed Control, Nine-Inch Tonearm, Heavy Aluminum Platter: Plays with Exceptional Stability

Five decades ago, Technics produced the world's first direct-drive turntable for consumers and revolutionized at-home analog playback by way of the device's ultra-stable rotation, near-utter removal of signal-to-noise degradation, vibration-killing build, and unerring reliability. Equipped with a single-rotor, surface-facing, coreless direct-drive motor that eliminates cogging and a 5.51-pound two-layer die-cast aluminum platter with underlying rubber surface and strengthening ribs, the SL-1200GR upholds that standard at an even higher level for modern users.

Inheriting parts and engineering from its reference SL-1200G sibling, the Grand Class SL-1200GR adopts precision-based, hand-tuned electronic speed control with motor-control technology cultivated in the development of Blu-ray components. Sine waves stored in ROM are used for the control waveforms at constant speed, achieving smoother and more stable rotation compared to simple sine-wave generation with an external coil. Plus, this amazing turntable offers a lightning-quick start-up time of 0.7 seconds.

Supremely rigid and accurate, the 25.3-pound SL-1200GR boasts a chassis formed by two-layer construction comprised of BMC and die-cast aluminum. Silicon rubber insulators and microcell-polymer cylindrical tubes function both as supports and vibration-control devices. Moreover, the installation section of the insulators arrive with a vertical adjustment mechanism using screws. Such architecture cancels the rattle that occurs when the turntable rests in a rack or the like, and prevents unwanted vibration. In addition, exact horizontal adjustment of the platter and record surface reduces rotation irregularity due to slanting, thereby enabling further stability.

In terms of tracking, Technics' signature static-balance, universal S-shaped, nine-inch tonearm and gimbal-suspension-constructed bearing section – assembled by master craftsmen – result in high initial-motion sensitivity and surgical tracing of LP grooves. Gold-plated phono terminals, shielded casing, a pitch-control slider, and push-button operation for start/stop, 33, 45, and 78RPM further enhance the functionality and fidelity. Want a dust cover? It's here, too, along with a 45RPM adapter, balance weight, auxiliary weight, overhang gauge, and phono cable.

"The platter doesn't wobble about on a bouncy suspension, and it can start and stop in an instant. The arm handles beautifully and the cueing lever drops the stylus exactly where you expect it to fall. And the motor has plenty of torque if you want to dust off your record with one of those carbon-fiber brushes. I found myself simply playing and enjoying the music on my records, without much of the analog ritual often needed with more exotic equipment."
—Michael Trei, Sound & Vision

"[The] Technics SL-1200 is a genuine icon, and the updated Technics SL-1200GR looks, as you would expect, a great deal like it.... It serves up huge bass, tight control over the mids and trebles and ... an overwhelming feeling of excitement."
—Duncan Bell, T3, Platinum Award, five-star review

"Another highlight of the year is definitely the Technics SL-1200GR direct-drive turntable.... I love this turntable.... It's one of those really pleasant surprises.... I get in a lot of product to review, and a lot of it is what I think it's going to be, but sometimes they rise above. They absolutely do."
—Steve Guttenburg, The Audiophiliac (YouTube), Highlights of 2021

The SkyFi Testing Process for Turntables:

First we try to identify any mechanical issues, particularly in the tonearm bearings.  We check for freedom of movement or any resistance on both the horizontal and vertical range.  There is a quick test for this which involves placing the table on its front edge and allowing the arm to swing freely like a pendulum.  We then make any adjustments necessary to achieve minimal resistance and sometimes adjust the bearing pressure.  On gimbal tonearms we inspect the cone tip with a magnifier.  

We then asses the platter speed by using one of several methods, the most accuse is a playing a test tone on a test record and measuring the frequency out put with a frequency counter or oscilloscope.  We also utilize test equipment to measure the wow and flutter to ensure its within spec.  We do this for all speeds available for that particular model.  Adjustments are then made to achieve proper speed which will vary depending on table drive design.  Some require an adjustment of an internal or external potentiometer, some will require a pulley or motor adjustment.  We also inspect the platter bearing to ensure its properly lubricated keeping in mind that some don't require lubrication at all.

We then inspect the power supply and address any issues with overworked capacitors particularly on Linn and later Thorens machines which tend to need attention.  

On fully mechanical vintage tables like the Thorens TD124 and Garrard 301/401 we will go thought the entire mechanism, replace any worn parts and lubricate all components necessary to ensure smooth operation, speed change and low mechanical noise. 

When fitting a new cartridge we will go through our detailed calibration process which can involve as many as 12 steps depending on the arm design.  We perform this work on our custom turntable calibration rig which was developed in-house.  

Some of these steps include:

• Pivot to spindle adjustment

• Tracing force

• Anti-skate

• Tonearm height

• Lifter height


• Azimuth

• Stylus Distance and Overhang

We then do a critical listening test using our test records and our test system to ensure proper sonics.  



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