Tandberg TPA-3009a MONO Solid State Amplifier, Class-A, RARE, Made in Norway 120/220V


Super rare, compact yet powerful MONO amplifier from Tandberg, utilizing zero negative feedback.  Perfect if you’ve lucky enough to have another TPA-3009a for a stereo configuration, or if you're looking to power a center channel home theater speaker.  These are super hard to come by.

Heatsinks are located in the middle of chassis which uses convection air to cool the unit.  So it needs a bit of breathing room as this series likes to run warm.  If you are stacking this amplifier with other 3000 series components that's ok, but you should put this on the top spot.

Very sleek and attractive black aluminum anodized finish, with sleek Scandinavian design elements that will look the part in both a vintage 80/90's or modern system.  Has a unique bottom feet configuration that makes stacking other 3000 series components a dream. 

Has single-ended RCA input jacks and early style banana plugs which accept bare wire, bananas, and spades.  A European style AC power cord is included which works on US outlets.  Peak clipping LED indicators on the front panel will alert you if you're driving them too hard, which is hard to do with this sort of power and current capability. 

Condition is good with only a few light scuffs or scratches.  Very presentable and great condition with respect to its age.

Fully tested in our lab at its rated power and under load with no excessive noise or static of any sort, well within manufacturers specifications.

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