Tandberg TD 20A-SE Stereo Reel to Reel Tape Recorder - Like NEW - NOS Condition


Here is a highly regarded Tandberg reel to reel recorder in very rare, like new, NOS condition.

This machine came from a local audiophile that kept it as a spare for his primary TD 20A-SE - thus it was really never used.  

Condition is "almost mint".

We don't throw around the term "mint" lightly since technically that means there isn't a fingerprint to be seen anywhere. Well, there might be a fingerprint or two, so we will call it "near mint". Even though such fingerprints likely came from us when we opened it up and replaced the lubricants that had dried over time.  There are no visible scratches or signs of use.  The tape head looks new as well. 

The unit operates as it should with strong motor speed and responsiveness, and quick and persistent engagement of the heads and capstans.  The meters are responsive and well lit, and the potentiometers are free from any noise or scratchiness.  

Internal inspection shows that all the electrical components do not show any signs of aging or need for replacement.  

You are not likely to find a TDA-20SE in this condition and it is priced accordingly.  If your budget does not permit this level of quality and condition there are plenty of other tape machines out there for you. 

Included is the machine, two reel adaptors, and two take up reels as pictured.

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