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Stax SR-X MK3 Vintage Headphones and SRD-7 Amp - NEW OLD STOCK!

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Stax Sr-X Mk3 Vintage Headphones And Srd-7 Amp - New Old Stock! Accessory

Stax SR-X MK3 Vintage Headphones and SRD-7 Amp - NEW OLD STOCK!

SkyFi 479

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Rare set of NOS (NEW OLD STOCK) headphones and matching amplifier from Stax. Complete and in the original box, just like the day they left the factory.

We tested these in-house to make sure they're performing like new. They even include a spare set of ear pads.

From the one and only Ken Rockwell @
These Stax SR-X Mark 3 electrostatic headphones are decades old, and still outperform conventional dynamic headphones like the Sennheiser HD 800 and Ultrasone Edition 8 in most ways, especially for clean, open, natural sound. Better, these Stax headphones, used, sell for one-tenth the price.

When introduced in 1975, these Stax SR-X Mark III were the world's highest performance headphones, unchallenged until Stax introduced the even more exotic SR-Sigmas in late 1977.

These are not ordinary headphones that use a coil of wire inside a magnet glued to a heavy diaphragm, like mass-market products from Sennheiser, Ultrasone and Beyer.

These are electrostatic headphones. Electrostatic technology is far superior for reproducing sound.

Comparing the performance of one completely different technology to another, like electrostatic to dynamic transducers, is like comparing the speed of a bicycle to the speed of a car. Even if you've got a brand-new million dollar bicycle, my beater 1974 slant-six Plymouth Duster goes a lot faster and farther.

This Stax SR-X Mark 3 may look like something pulled out of a WWII Japanese submarine, but its proven electrostatic technology excels at super-low distortion and freedom from any resonance or coloration.

These headphones win on subtlety. If you want to enjoy every nuance of your music over hours and hours of careful listening, these are your headphones. If you prefer something that boosts everything for an impressive 30-second demo blast, these aren't.

Stax invented electrostatic headphones in 1959, and had 16 years of experience optimizing them when these were introduced. Stax' marketing people have always called these "earspeakers" instead of headphones.

These SR-X Mark III aren't that much different than the previous SR-X headphones, and look similar to a black version of Stax' very first SR-1 of 1959. Honestly, the Stax New SR-3 (1971-1975) are more different in looks than in actual performance from these newer SRX-IIIs.

While Stax' newer and better headphones went to rectangular housings and elliptical drivers with the SR-Sigma of 1977 and continue to this day, Stax' top-model Omega introduced in 1993 was round again, and to this day, the round SR-009 of 2011 is Stax' very top $5,000 model. Maybe there's something to be said for round drivers?

Brand Background:
Stax has been making the worlds best electrostatic headphones since 1959

Brand New

Amplifier Recommendations:
As little as 10 watts will make these sing

Speaker Level Inputs. Stax Headphone Connector Output

General Sound:
Smooth, uncolored, undistorted natural and clean

Cosmetic Condition:
9 - No Signs of Use. See our detailed rating description here.

Working Condition:
Working perfectly and tested in our lab.

As pictured

Original Manufacturers Packing

10 lbs.

Testing Process:
The SkyFi Testing Process for Headphones:
We start with a visual inspection of drive units to ensure they are intact, the pads are supple and compliant and the headband is operative. We then check the cable for any broken wires, stressed connecting points or jacks.

We then do a listening test to make sure all frequencies, specially the bass is free from distortion, rattles of signs of a compromised transducer. We do a full frequency sweep and check for bass response and high frequency reach.

The unit is the cleaned, cord is properly coiled and supplement any connectors or adapters that should be present.

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