Spica TC-50 Speakers in Rare Condition - The Gods of Imaging


You won't believe how well these simple yet elegant speakers can image until you hear them. They simply disappear and throw some of the most convincing imaging I've ever heard. 

I owned a pair just like these when I was in college and could not wait to hear them again. You know how time passes and things that you remember as amazing can be disappointing? Well these were just as impressive as when I first heard them 30 years ago.

The only reason I replaced them with another pair of time aligned speakers, the Thiel CS1.2, is because of the increase in bass. If you're fine with moderate bass or willing to mate them with a sub, then these are absolutely worth a try.

This particular pair comes in an elegant dark wood finish, not the teak that most come with. The wood is perfect without a single scratch. The grills are also in near perfect condition, and so are the elaborate fabric baffles.

These will need to be set on stands for the tweeter to rest at ear level in order to get the best results.

All drivers are working 100% as they should.

You can these for less on eBay - but certainly not in better condition.

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