Sound Application XE-12 Power Conditioner


This is a rare Sound Applications XE-12 Power Conditioner that carried a $4,400 MSRP.

Despite not being a well known brand, Sound Application power conditioners are considered top quality pro audio gear.

They're used in some of the world's most prestigious studios (including Mobile Fidelity + The CBS Studio Center Reference Listening Suite).

The ability to plug-in your gear right into the top of is also very convenient compared to most power conditioners that have all their receptacles out back.

The SA XE-12 power conditioner offers 12 Hubble outlets , six for analog and six for digital gear.

It also has a high-speed Carling Electromagnetic circuit breaker for surge and spike protection, not sacrificial MOV's (metal oxide varistors). T

The plain-looking black chasis is actually made from 1/8" thick aluminum for serious EMI/RFI isolation.

This piece contains an 11-stage line filter that very effectively removes noise from power lines.

*Please note this only has a 20A C20 type IEC input when connecting to your local (wall) power source*

(You can still use this power conditioner with a 15A circuit - but you'll need a power cord with a 20A C20 IEC female connector that's not included with this listing)

Please click here for detailed specifics regarding our specialized packing process that separates us from the rest.



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