Sound Anchors 3 Post Monitor Speaker Stands - 12.5" - Perfect for Spendor, Harbeth, and Others


Measuring 12.5" tall and made out of heavy gauge steel.

Designed for wide and large speakers, like the Harbeth 40.1 and Spendor SP100.

Our price includes packing and shipping w/insurance which is not insignificant for these heavy units. We source our cardboard to match beefy McIntosh specs (the best in our industry), along with using a a $30k Sealed Air "Instapak" custom expanding foam machine.

In good condition with no signs of rust as shown in our photos.

Please see our photos for full dimensions.

Three Post Monitor Loudspeaker Stands
The Sound Anchors Three Post Monitor Loudspeaker stand is the perfect choice when more mass and isolation are needed, and for medium-large to large sized speakers. The frame of this model is constructed of heavyweight steel tubing that is filled at the factory with Sound Anchors’ proprietary damping material. The speaker mounting area is manufactured from half-inch thick solid steel bar stock and the Sound Anchors Blue Dot isolation pads are applied as the speaker interface.

The Sound Anchors Three Post Monitor Stand has a standard top plate size of 7 inches wide by 9 inches deep. Standard heights are listed below. Please contact us if you need a height or top plate size other than what is listed. Practically any variation is possible, and many times at very little additional cost.
Sound Anchors Three Post stands are supplied with carpet spikes as standard. If you have hardwood or tile floors, the Sound Anchors Conecoasters are suggested to protect your floor.

Sound Anchor is committed to manufacturing the finest speaker stands for both high-end home and professional studio applications. They make custom amplifier stands, component stands and video stands for your home as well as custom studio furniture for the recording, post production and broadcast industries.

Sound Anchors loudspeaker stands have been the benchmark of performance and American-made quality since 1984.
Bob Worzalla began building loudspeaker stands and platforms after realizing that an improvement in performance could be gained by putting many of the loudspeakers on the market on a rigid, high-mass base. Even today, many of the loudspeaker stands on the market are flimsy and lightweight, and offer little benefit other than that of lifting a small monitor loudspeaker to a useable height.

Sound Anchors loudspeaker stands feature a construction design that is superiorly rigid. The materials that are chose are heavyweight square and rectangular steel tubing, 1/4 inch steel plate, and 1/2 inch steel bar. The heavyweight tubing of both the three post and four post models is filled with a proprietary sound deadening material at the factory. The single post stand can be purchased pre-filled or the owner can fill it himself with sand or other material.

The result of all this is simply the best performing loudspeaker stand that money can buy, and at a price that is far below that of many of the other stands on the market today. Add to that the fact that all Sound Anchors products are designed and built in the USA, and you have a product with value beyond compare.

If you own monitor loudspeakers of any brand, we invite you to give Sound Anchors a try. We’re confident that you will immediately hear an improvement in the clarity and solidity of the sound that they produce. If you are preparing to purchase a new pair of monitors, we encourage you to buy a pair of Sound Anchors loudspeaker stands to go with them. There is nothing else that will go further toward maximizing their performance.



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