Sota Star Vintage Turntable with Vacuum Platter and New Sumiko Cartridge


Solid oak plinth refinished in light oak. Famous vacuum platter system which "sucks" the record down into the platter thus compensating for any record warp and improving sound. Controls for fine tuning both 33 and 45 to perfection. Outboard pump controller for determining level of suction.

This is a sprung table meaning the tonearm and platter are hanging from springs, thus eliminating the effects of room vibration. Far superior to many of todays tables which are commonly solid wood or plastic without *any* vibration control.

The tonearm is a upgraded and rare Magnepan. It's a perfect match to the recently introduced Sumiko Amethyst cartridge ($600), brand new out of the box, installed and tuned to perfection right here at SkyFi via our 12-step process.

To purchase a modern turntable with this degree of build quality and sophistication would easily cost you upwards of $10k.

This is a very heavy table, close to 50lbs, but has locking screws built in that compress the plinth and allow for safe shipping. Tonearm will be removed for shipping which is super easy to install and will remain calibrated upon reinstallation.

Cosmetic Condition:
Excellent condition. No deep scratches or dings of any type. Wood is lush in color, top is super clean. Tonearm is also very good.

Working Condition:
Tested, tuned, and working to perfection. Tracks both 33 RPM and 45 RPM speeds accurately, and with minimal wow and flutter.

New Sumiko Amethyst Cartridge with original Sumiko Box, 'Table Power Supply, Vacuum Pump, Tonearm, Cover, Record Clamp, Tons of tonearm adjustment templates, and lastly some spare parts.



Original Box





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Yes - Power

Physical Condition


Working Condition


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