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Sonus Faber Serafino G2 Homage Floorstanding Speakers

Sale price$26,000.00
Color:Red Lacquer


This generation of Homage keeps the classic iteration of the lute shape first introduced in the previous Homage Tradition family, inspired by the Viva Aquarama water vessel, a staple of the midcentury ‘Dolce Vita’ era of Italian pop culture.

The metalwork, however, has been modified, replacing the angled edges with smooth, rounded ones. The color of this metalwork too has changed, replacing a choice of black and brushed aluminum with a single anodized grey offering leaving the moving parts brushed.

Featuring a new naming convention which identifies each model by its generation and a return to the coveted Graphite finish as an additional option, the entire series keeps the most pertinent technologies from the previous generation.


Intono is a new technology implemented in Amati and Serafino.

While a dedicated midrange driver benefits from a sealed enclosure it will naturally exhibit impedance spikes to the rise in air pressure inside of the enclosure.

Ported systems will have a tuning frequency at which the mass of moving air inside of the port collides with the driver exactly out of phase and the driver loses output.

These are both troublesome yet common issues for which the industry has developed various imperfect solutions, the most common of which is to use damping material to restrict airflow, which itself reduces efficiency.

Intono is truly a best of both worlds solution. The midrange driver is ducted into another sealed enclosure which is tuned just above the frequency of peak pressure.

When the port unloads, or goes below its tuning frequency, the pressure is equalized into the alternate chamber significantly reducing the impedance peak.

The tweeter remains unhindered due to its laser etched resonance free rear labyrinth which in addition to its acoustic reinforcement function, serves to restrict airflow.

Intono is a more efficient system with the benefits of a sealed enclosure and the benefits of a port. It allows for a simpler crossover design with fewer restrictive parts.


Discovered almost by accident through computer simulation, the new Damping Ring is another new innovation that optimizes the air movement of the driver to reduce turbulence while guiding soundwaves to reinforce their propagation into a more consistent wave pattern at listening distances.

The result is a smoother frequency response with higher levels of clarity both on and off axis.


Available on Amati and Serafino, the new 150mm midrange driver is more reactive with greater efficiency and clarity.

The new midrange drivers are an absolute marvel. Powerful Neodynium magnets drive a new voice coil, which is shorter and wider, to create more overall force factor with faster response and more precise control.

As the motor evolves, so too does the suspension system, optimized for greater speed and control of the latest natural fiber cone.

The moving mass of the new 150mm woofer has been calibrated to avoid vibratory modes. The Serafino woofer has been updated with a new voice coil and spider material optimized for greater air movement and bass extension. The entire system has been carefully mass loaded to counterbalance any resonant vibration.


Sonus faber’s research in the area of crossovers is a steadfast obsession. Not only scouring the planet for the very best components and designing custom modifications, but also using the latest simulation software and relentless listening trials to push the boundaries in circuit design itself.

Paracross Topology ™and Interactive Fusion Filtering ™are fully integrated featuring a reduction of overall component count due to Intono. The new hybrid crossover system uses the finest components available on the market today. Hand selected through various listening tests, Jantzen inductors and custom spec Clarity Caps and Mundorf capacitors and resistors are hand soldered on custom PCBs to ensure maximum clarity, high power handling, low noise floor and long life. Additionally, timbre and sound stage are improved with the new Phase Coherent design.


3.5 way
Midrange sealed box with Intono
Woofers vented box “Stealth Ultraflex”system

Tw: DAD Arrow Point, Ø 28 mm
Md: Neodymium Magnet System, Ø 150 mm
W: 2 x Ø 180 mm

200Hz - 250Hz – 2,400Hz

30 Hz – 35,000 Hz

90 db SPL (2.83V/1 m)

4 Ohm

50w - 300w

Sonus Faber Serafino G2 Homage Floorstanding Speakers
Sonus Faber Serafino G2 Homage Floorstanding Speakers Sale price$26,000.00