Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 MKII, Vintage Tube DAC with HDCD, Full SkyFi Restoration


This collectible and desirable vintage Tube and Solid State DAC was fully restored in-house, with over two dozen capacitors, resistors, and transistors replaced.

It's now working absolutely perfectly and is likely to do so for a few more decades.

Every suspect component was replaced with equal or better versions. A ridiculous amount of our labor went into getting this unit back to factory specs.

Finally we replaced the cover with a better ventilated version that also shows off the internal artwork. Yes, the internals are absolutely stunning, just as good as the sound.

This is also the more desirable MKII version with the HDCD chip that improves non-HDCD source material, along with many more refinements.

Please click here to read the glowing Stereophile review for more details on its sound quality. AND it's featured on the fabulous The Vintage Knob website so you know it's truly something special.  

Original MSRP was a whopping $5300 in the 1990's

Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 MKII - Owner's Manual

More from the Manual:

The SFD-2 MKII comes with two 6922 (6DJ8-type) tubes, individually boxed and bagged along with a cotton glove, screw- driver, and screws for fastening the SFD-2 MKII cover.
If desired, replacement of these tubes may be done to suit the listener’s preference.

The following tube types will work under the same technical parameters as the 6922 and require no circuitry modification to function:
• 7308/E188CC • 6DJ8/ECC88 • E88CC

The SFD-2 MKII includes a free HDCD-encoded sampler CD to demonstrate the HDCD process. This process is a true advancement in digital audio reproduction, providing one of the single greatest improvements in digital audio since the introduction of the CD format more than a decade ago.

This sophisticated encoding/decoding system greatly reduces both additive and subtractive distortions in digital recordings, providing a resolution and freedom from distortion equal to that of analog recordings.

In addition, the HDCD decoder’s internal digital filter provides significant sonic improvements to non-HDCD source material as well.



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