Simaudio MOON 250i Integrated Amplifier with Remote


Well regarded and reviewed 250i in excellent condition with remote.

Great starter system or second system. Tested and working as new.

Please see our last photo for power output and full specifications. 

Simaudio MOON 250i Integrated Amplifier - Owner's Manual

Note: the removable rear battery cover for the remote is broken and secured with tape.

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Excerpt from a Stereophile Annual Recommended Component Review:

The 50Wpc Moon 250i (originally i-1), built in North America, has five pairs of single-ended line-level inputs, a front-mounted minijack for personal media players, a headphone jack, and a preamp output.

The all-aluminum chassis is rigidly built to minimize external vibrations, but there are no external heatsinks. Though BJR noted an occasional excess of midbass warmth, he was surprised by the Moon i-1’s “lifelike realism and ability to unravel gobs of midrange detail.”

JA was impressed by the Simaudio’s graceful balance of strengths: “The only real clue that this is an affordably priced amplifier is the appearance of sidebands at the power supply frequencies.”



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