Silver Circle Audio "TCHAIK 6" Power Conditioner - Highly Reviewed


- Original MSRP was $12,000.00 - 

And please note we have two for sale:

One has a 120" (10-Foot / 3.0 Meter) Silver Circle Audio branded power cord, and the other has a 82" (6.8-Foot / 2 Meter) Silver Circle Audio branded power cord.

Just let us know which one you need for your configuration in the notes section of your purchase during checkout, and we'll ensure you receive the correct length.

Silver Circle Audio says it best about these understated looking pieces:


Just as the new Furutech GT-XD receptacles helped spawn the pure power one 5.0se, the development of Magnetic Innovations’ new Wave Stabilizers have helped spawn our new TCHAIK 6. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky wrote 6 symphonies, the sixth of which was also named the “Pathetique.” The third movement of this symphony encompasses all that is great in music: delicate strings and woodwinds, flowing sweeping strings, powerful low brass and percussion. It is the only time I have heard and seen an audience almost burst into cheers at the conclusion of a single movement that was not the finale.

The Wave Stabilizers were developed by Rick Schultz of Magnetic Innovations. Five are installed in the TCHAIK 6: two (positive and neutral) on the input side, two on the output side, and one on common ground to IEC input. When we started experimenting with this new technology, we were astounded at the sonic improvements. It took the pure power one 5.0se to a level we never dreamed possible. This presented the challenge with which we were presented with the Furutech GT-XD receptacles: upgrade or new product?

New product was the answer. This new product includes the following:

  1. Five (5) Wave Stabilizer modules; 2 on the input (hot and neutral), 2 on the output, and 1 on the ground
  2. An upgraded Vesuvius II power cord – FI-52(R) IEC connector and FI-50M(R) power connector
  3. Eden Sound TerraStones footers
  4. Sides constructed of a high density polymer to complement startlingly beautiful looks of the TCHAIK 6

A Video "About Us" from Silver Circle Audio:

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