Shunyata Research Sigma v2 Power Cable - XC Edition, 20A, 1.75M


This is a like new Sigma v2 XC power cable in its original official Shunyata Research packing.

MSRP $3500.

As shown in our photos you will also receive the Shunyata Certified Warranty Card making this item eligible under their lifetime warranty. Serial # as noted on the card matching warranty and quality certification card.

More on this unique high-end power cable:

MY TAKE: Simply put, Shunyata Sigma Series cables are the best performing cable products I have ever experienced. They offer an other-worldly level of performance that is truly extraordinary. Whether it be the Sigma power cables, interconnects, speaker cables or digital links, Sigma products can elevate even the best systems to new levels of resolution and musical involvement. For those with the means, I can't recommend a product more strongly.

The latest Reference NR Series v2 cables represent the next evolution of designer Caelin Gabriel's philosophies of power cable design. His latest discoveries, implemented here, in the v2 Series, are another big step toward perfecting the power cable. Whichever model fits your budget, you are buying the state of the art technology available at that price point. - Galen Carol

Unprecedented Technological Achievement
Advanced Noise Reduction

Shunyata Research’s new Reference NR & XC Series power cords were developed using the same materials science and technologies that make the Omega QR the market’s ultimate cost-no-object power cord.

All Reference Series models are priced to be accessible for a range of budgets.
Using proprietary conductors and parts developed for the Omega QR — the Reference NR & XC Series deliver pace-setting performance in each product category.



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